Q- Why do I need to see the Doctor or Family Nurse Practitioner each month?
A- The prescription appetite suppressants are controlled substances. Our medical protocol states that you must be seen each month in order to receive a new prescription.

Q- What are your hours?
A- Monday 9 – 4, Wednesday 9 – 4, Thursday 9 – 1, Friday 9 – 4, and Saturday 8:30 – 12

Q- Can I take the MediPlan supplements along with the prescription medication?
A- Absolutely! Our supplements have been carefully selected to work well with the prescription medication.

Q- Why should I have blood-work performed?
A- Blood-work is recommended to identify possible causes for being overweight. It also gives the Doctor or Family Nurse Practitioner a complete picture of your medical situation.

Q- How often can I get the B-12 or Lipo Injection?
A- You can receive up to two injections per week, but you must wait at least 48 hours between injections.