Weight Loss Programs for Men

Struggling to lose weight? Let us customize a weight loss plan for you.

Let’s face it. Men are sometimes left behind when it comes to creating a complete weight loss program for men that includes sections of a healthy diet, workouts and weight loss tips. Since there are innumerable sources where you can find weight loss workouts for men, let’s focus on the neglected parts: how to figure out your healthy weight, the importance of a proper diet, and why they are important.

Healthy Weight for Men

An ideal weight acts like a goal for any weight loss program for men. It will be the finish line which you can aspire to cross, and revel in your achievement once you do so. But how do you figure out your healthy weight?

The best way is the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation, which takes into account your height and your weight, and gives you the ideal weight based on these inputs. You can easily calculate this at home using this BMI calculator. However, problems may occur if you:

  • Have a muscular build—The calculator may overestimate your body fat since muscle is denser than fat
  • Are old or have lost muscle—The calculator may underestimate the body fat

To make sure that your BMI screening is performed without any such errors, consult a health professional who can take external factors into account and provide you a more accurate result.

Why Is This Important?

Figuring out the ideal weight for your body does more than simply acting as a milestone. It also acts as the central point around which all your diet and workout plans will be focused on. Our health professionals at MediPlan would help you identify your ideal weight so you can create a targeted weight loss plan.

Proper Diet for Men

Your chances of success at your preferred weight loss workouts for men can be boosted if you choose a proper diet. Here are some guidelines for you to consider:

  • Because men have more muscle and a larger built, they need to consume more carbs and calories than women
  • Men tend to gain weight around the middle more than women. Supplements like Waist Away can help you combat that area
  • A daily consumption of at least two-and-a-half cups of vegetables and two cups of fruits is a must to complete the vitamin and fiber needs of the body

Why Is This Important?

A diet plan for men can be similar to a diet plan for women. Taking this a step further, a diet plan that works for one man may not be the same as the diet plan that suits another man. This is because every individual body has different needs and a different medical history. Only a skilled health professional can assess your health needs, and can provide you a detailed weight loss plan that meets your needs.

If you are serious about losing weight and investing in a weight loss program that is designed according to your body’s needs, contact us and we can help you out.

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