Every new year comes with new resolutions to better your life. This year, you are determined to shed off the excess fats you gained in the previous year. With these tips, you can take advantage of your diet plan for total lifestyle change and weight loss. What’s more, you need to focus on your goal, have a positive attitude and stay motivated as you walk the path to a healthier and fitter you.

Here are 15 reasons why this is the year for you to lose weight.

Top 15 Reasons to Lose Weight this Year

1. Eating Fruits and Vegetables

This year, you’ll incorporate fruits and vegetables in each meal to gain from the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they have to offer. Since they contain no fats and calories, you’ll not have to worry about weight gain.

2. Swap Cardio for Strength Training at Least Once a Week

Cardio workouts are perfect for weight loss and include running and jogging. Other benefits comprise stress reduction, stronger lungs and heart, better sleep, etc. Although your diet plan features cardio training, you’ll swap it for strength training each week for a stronger and fitter body. Moreover, strength workouts can help you keep off the lost weight to maintain your new body mass and shape.

3. Keep Sweetened Drinks off Your Shelves

Juice and soda are very popular drinks. However, they contain so many calories hence can impede your efforts to lose weight. This year, keep sweetened drinks off your diet and shelves. If you need to drink, opt for water or unsweetened drinks.

4. Get Enough Sleep

You’ll need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep this year to reach your weight loss goals. Just as important are the various activities in your diet plan, so is your need to get some rest overnight through sleep.

Sleep controls your diet (you’re able to control your cravings and hunger), re-energizes your body, heals worn out muscles and tissues, reduces injuries and promotes development of body muscles (what you need to burn off excess fats).

This year, you’ll get sufficient, uninterrupted sleep, for faster loss of weight.

5. Take Advantage of Fitness Groups

Cash in on fitness groups this year to promote your efforts to cut down your weight. This is a way to diversify your techniques of losing weight.  Often, you can find workout groups and clubs in your city on social media.  In Memphis, check out RiverFit!  It is fun for the whole family.

6. Start Your Day with Meditation

Meditating every morning this year is the key to calming your mind and thoughts for utter concentration on your new year resolutions. By focusing on your goals, meditation can act as your weight loss motivation factor and reminder of what you need to do to attain the body shape you want.

7. Break Dance and Have Some Fun

Whether you want to have some fun or just dance to the tune of your favorite music, you can shed off some extra calories a day or two a week. You’ll be surprised how much weight you can lose by just shaking your booty a few times a week. This helps to improve your mood too. Dance in the comfort of your home, or sign up for a Zumba class.

8. No Procrastination this Year

This year, procrastination has no place in your diet plan.  ‘Now’ is the time to get things done, without thinking of tomorrow.

9. Eat Only When Hungry

This year, eat only when hungry. It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Every time you feel hungry, drink some water and wait for at least 30 minutes; if you still feel hungry, go ahead and eat. Otherwise, the hunger pang is just an indication of thirst. This way, you get to eat just what your body needs, facilitating loss of weight.

10. Create a Bucket List of Activities to Accomplish this Year

Why not come up with a list of activities you need to accomplish this year while shedding off excess weight. Think of fun activities you love or wish to try out. Rock climbing, mountaineering, Zumba or hunting?

Whichever activity you wish to try out, this is the year to do so.

11. Sign Up for a Race or Marathon

Many charities across the globe (even in Memphis) run marathons annually to help support a cause. This year, you can take part in charity and be rewarded with some calories off your body weight. Irrespective of your location on the globe, you can find a number of races or marathons within your locality to sign up for.

The internet has many resources to help you find this kind of information. Ask a friend or two to keep you company; you won’t go wrong with this.

12. Drink a Glass of Water Daily

Water is life, and a perfect element for losing weight. You also stand to gain from a range of benefits such as better digestion, a toxins-free body and improved immunity. The body burns calories to produce the heat needed to warm cold water to body temperature.

Therefore, when you drink cold water, calories are burnt, leading to reduced body weight. This year, make it a point to drink water daily; if you can make it 8 glasses a day, the better.

13. Eat Breakfast Rich in Proteins and Fiber

Make it a point this year to start your day with a highly nutritious breakfast with fiber and proteins. It can provide the energy you need to survive throughout the day, without cravings.

14. Having a Positive Mindset and Weight Loss Motivation

Losing weight takes more than just a diet and workout plan. This year, you need a positive mindset and motivation to lose weight. Your ultimate goal of a fit body, good shape and improved health should be your perfect motivation to keep you focused.

15. Learning from Mistakes

Weight loss, just like life, is a journey full of ups and downs. You’re bound to make mistakes from time to time. Instead of beating yourself and focusing on what has happened and can’t be changed, learn from your mistakes. Every time you fall, pick up yourself, dust off the dirt and start a fresh.

Whatever is your reason for weight loss, Mediplan Diet is what you need. Our team can customize a diet plan to meet your unique needs. With these great reasons to cut weight this year, you’re on the right track to a leaner, fitter and healthier body.

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