4th of July picnics, cookouts, parties and potlucks don’t have to be full of calories. American fare is infamously fatty, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out these calorie saving twists on classic patriotic dishes to make your 4th of July a more healthy one. Steer clear of the fried and greasy foods that seem to be a staple of summer festivities and make low calorie desserts as well.

4th of July TreatsLow-Calorie Flag Cake

A patriotic flag cake is a must-have for the 4th. You’ll need the typical fresh blueberries and strawberries or raspberries to decorate the top, which give you an antioxidant boost as well as nutritious vitamins and minerals. Replace some of the butter in your batter with coconut oil to cut back on calories and make your white frosting from low-fat cream cheese and plain Greek yogurt instead of using a store bought white frosting that is loaded with sugar.  To really cut calories, use Jello instead of cake for a refreshing low-carb treat!

Potato Salad

A nice red, white and blue potato salad can be a very healthy side dish for the 4th of July. Use a mix of white and blue baby potatoes and roasted red peppers to get the celebratory colors. Instead of mayonnaise, create a more healthy lemon vinaigrette to mix in and throw in some mint and scallions. It definitely won’t skimp on flavor, but it will skimp on cholesterol.

Jerk Chicken

Instead of fried chicken go for quick-smoked jerk chicken instead. It’s easy and doesn’t have all of the greasy batter, plus it tastes great. A garlic, brown sugar and lime marinade is sure to be enjoyed by everyone. Instead of smoking the chicken, you can also grill it over gas or coals.

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