The best fitness apps make the most of today’s technology to help you stick to your weight loss goals. They make eating healthy easier and make counting calories a breeze. They can even make fitness and nutrition fun. They’re also free!


My Fitness Pal ApAs a combined calorie counter and fitness tracker, MyFitnessPal is one of the top-rated, free fitness apps currently available. The barcode scanner lets you know what you’re eating and keeps track of your calories for you. It also subtracts calories for various physical activities. It is available for all of the popular smartphone operating systems: Android, BlackBerry, Apple and Windows.


FooducateLike MyFitnessPal, Fooducate has a barcode scanner. Fooducate ranks foods on an easy-to-understand A through F scale. The scale quickly and simply lets you know about nutritional quality. At the same time the app also tracks your weight. It will help you to make healthy grocery lists and cut your shopping time in half because you won’t have to read labels. Download it on Apple and Android phones.


Loseit! ApLoseIt! is a very popular app with a database that contains both foods and activities. Users can also add foods to the database and it will help keep track of nutrients like protein, carbs, fat and more. Like Fooducate and MyFitnessPal, it has a barcode scanner that makes it easy to know what you’re eating, but it also features a recipe builder to keep your meals healthy and interesting. Along with helping you out with foods it keeps track of your calories burned through exercise and other physical activities. It is available for Android and Apple devices.

Eat This Not That!

Eat This Not That!If you are looking for an app that is more like playing a game then Eat This Not That! might be just what you need. In fact, it actually is a game but it’s definitely an educational one. It puts a fun spin on determining what foods are better for you by prompting you to pick from two different food choices like a hamburger versus a slice of pizza. You can get it on your iPhone or Android.


Fitocracy AppFitocracy was created by two out-of-shape video gamers and launched in 2010. Now there are over 1 million people who are registered “Fitocrats.” It is another very game-like app, allowing users to play and compete against one another to meet their weight loss and fitness goals. They can also share workouts and advice with other uses, so it is very interactive. Users start at level 1 and like in many video games, you can earn points in order to level up. It is free for your Apple or Android device.

With these great apps at your disposal you can get yourself on the right track to reach a healthy weight. The professionals at MediPlan can also help by providing unique and personalized programs to help you every step of the way.