Are you tired of chasing diets? Have you tried everything but find it impossible to lose your weight?

Maybe its time you get off the roller coaster ride and take some advice from people who have been there and done that.

Sometimes, all it takes is a break from the exercising and fad diets you have been chasing for oh-so-long. Here are 6 tricks that can work wonders for you if you are trying to lose weight. Remember, it is not going to be easy for you to stick to these tricks, but if you do, you will surely notice a change in your weight, health and body.

1.     Time to put away that Scale

Yes, while many suggest that you should always weigh what you are eating. We suggest skipping measuring by weight but still control portions. Portion control does not only rely on measuring.  When using portion control, maybe you tell yourself to eat half of your meal and box the rest for tomorrows lunch. A typical meal at a restaurant contains WAY more calories than you actually need for a single meal.  Breaking it in half will immediately keep you from overeating.

2.     Fruits Help A lot

Instead of looking for sugary snacks when you feel hungry, keep some fruit with you. This will help prevent you from snacking on unhealthy choices and will keep you full, hydrated and healthy at the same time.

3.     Chocolate Protein Powder

Keep some chocolate protein powder with you. When you feel hungry, just add some water to it, shake it and drink it. This will fill you up and help satisfy the urge to snack.

4.     Set your Limits

It is very important for you to set your limits on how much you should eat. Decide on the portion size and then stand by it, this will prevent you from overeating.

5.     Take a ‘Before’ Photo

Take some photos of yourself wearing a sports bra and workout pants. If anytime you feel you are falling off the wagon, take a look at those pictures. This will give you all the motivation you need.

6.     Cut out those drinks

If you are trying to lose weight, cut out drinks that are full of calories like lemonade, juices and of course soda! This will help you keep your weight under control.

These were some tricks that you can use to lose weight. While it may take time, staying on course is one of the most difficult parts to losing weight.  For more tips and help losing those pounds, contact Mediplan Diet to schedule your appointment TODAY!

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