Research shows that weight loss is linked to healthy eating habits. Eating nutritious foods rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega fatty acids can lead to great loss of weight. The nutrients offer protection from lifestyle diseases such as obesity and heart conditions.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are healthy for consumption and weight loss. On the other hand, processed foods, sugar-rich diets, and foods high in cholesterol and saturated fats cause weight gain. The quality and quantity of foods you eat influence your weight variation.

Genetic make-up can also cause you to lose or gain weight based on what you eat on a daily basis. There are many effective weight loss tips that if you follow correctly can help with weight loss. It is recommended that you only eat enough calories your body can easily burn.

Some foods can also help you lose weight as they keep you full for longer. Therefore, you won’t have to feel hungry all the time or have the urge to eat more food than you need. Such foods can also prevent unnecessary food cravings for unhealthy junks.

There’s no miracle to weight loss. A lot of effort and sacrifice goes into attaining your desired weight or body shape. Fiber-rich foods can also help with weight loss as they foster digestion and you get to feel full for longer. Furthermore, they are low in calories, making them foods with low energy density.

With such foods, you’ll only need to eat a small portion to feel full. Here are 8 foods that can help you lose weight if eaten daily:

Top 8 Weight Loss Foods


Red tomatoes are recommended for daily consumption as they are rich in lycopene. The antioxidant helps reduce many types of cancers such as lung, stomach, prostrate and skin cancer. It also helps in reducing heart diseases. Fresh tomatoes are highly nutritious.

They add volume to the food you eat, thereby replacing calories. They are also rich in vitamin A and C, which can help in shedding off unwanted fats. Tomatoes are also rich in healthy natural sugars that assist in stabilizing your blood sugars.

Therefore, your body won’t be stressed due to reduced insulin release. Eating tomatoes doesn’t literally burn excess fats from your body. However, tomatoes reduce your calorie intake and help burn them, which in turn helps with weight loss. Tomatoes are also rich in fibers, a source of food for the good bacteria.

They also detoxify the body and assist in boosting your energy levels. Red tomatoes can be substituted for watermelon, grapefruit, pawpaw or guava. Take at least eight tomatoes a day or a glass full of tomato juice.


Nuts are rich in Omega-3 and have anti-inflammatory benefits. They can be used to top up salads, pancakes and grilled chicken or fish. Nuts can be spiced up to be eaten with walnuts, blueberries and dark chocolates. They are rich in calories, making them a great source of energy.

Many people think that because nuts are rich in fats, they add weight. Research shows that this isn’t true; however, it must be in eaten in the right portion. Eating nuts is helpful in protecting you from gaining weight and increases healthy cholesterol in your body.

It has also been associated with reduced appetite, leaving you feeling full for longer. Substitute them for almonds, macadamia, walnuts or peanuts.


Oats have soluble fibers, which help in reducing the risk of getting heart diseases. They also have sugars, but the fibers in them are more than their sugar content to help with weight loss. They are also a source of muscle-energy. Oats can be sprinkled on yoghurt or salads for consumption.

Oats rich in fibers can keep you full for long. They also assist in digestion and prevent constipation. Oatmeal reduces cholesterol and fat levels in the body. It also reduces type II diabetes and heart-related diseases. Substitute it for wild rice, flaxseed or quinoa.


Beans have antioxidant properties to help improve brain viability. They are popular for their low calorie content with no saturated fats. They are affordable and a great source of proteins. The legumes are also high in soluble fibers, making their digestion slow. This means consuming beans leave you feeling full for longer, and prevents cravings for more food or unhealthy junks.

Apart from their capability to control hunger, beans can protect you from weight gain as u won’t have to eat frequently. They can also lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Substitute them for black beans, peas, kidney beans, pinto and fava, among others.


Orange, red and yellow vegetables are rich in carotenoids. The fat soluble compound has been proven by various studies to prevent the development of certain cancers. It also helps in reducing the risks of developing inflammatory diseases such as asthma and arthritis. Carrots have the lowest calorie density, among all vegetables.

Take at least a half cup full of carrots daily. Substitute them for sweet potato, butternut, mangoes and pumpkins. Eat them raw or use them to bake carrot cakes. Sweet potatoes can be baked or boiled.


Yogurt is rich in probiotics, the good gut bacteria. Eating foods rich in probiotics and high in fibers helps improve metabolism and thus weight loss. Taking yogurt frequently has been associated with great reduction in appetite, hence reduced over-eating and thus weight loss.

It is also known to boost body immunity and offers protection from developing cancer. Natural yogurts are recommended as flavored ones have a lot of sugar, increasing calories in your body.

If you want your yogurt sweetened, use honey or fresh fruits such as strawberry or blueberry on your plain, natural yogurt instead of processed sugars. The fruits contain natural sugars to make your yogurt taste better.


Spinach is rich in omega-3 and folate. It can prevent bone disorders such as osteoporosis and minimize the risks of developing heart-related diseases. It can be substituted for lettuce or kales. Spinach can be eaten in vegetable salads, added over pizza or mixed with scrambled eggs.


Blueberries have antioxidant properties to help fight cancer and diabetes. They can boost brain function, are rich in vitamin A and C and high in fibers. The berries can reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Substitute them for strawberries, prunes or purple grapes. Eat the berries as smoothies or add them to your yogurt or cereals.

With the right diet and regular exercises, you can easily lose weight and attain your ideal body shape. You’ll also get to enjoy better health, improve your image and how you feel about yourself. Taking good care of your body is key to living longer and slowing the aging process.  For more weight loss tips or to get started on your weight loss journey, contact Mediplan Diet today!

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