In the world of wearable fitness trackers, we are all try to reach that elusive 10,000 step goal.  Some days, it is easy to reach.  However, some days it is a struggle!  So, we’ve come up with these tips to help you reach your 10,000 steps.

1.  Join the “park a mile away club.”  When you hit the grocery store, don’t take the closes spot to the door!  Park at the end spot in the lot and walk.

2.  Take a victory lap!  While you are at the store, make a victory lap around the perimeter of the store – why not?  We are trying to reach a goal here!

3.  PACE!  While you on the phone, brushing your teeth, folding your laundry, whatever!  Just pace around the house.  You’d be surprised how fast the steps add up.

4.  Walk your kids to school!  Live close to the school?  Take a morning walk with them to the school.  Do you drop your kids off at school?  If so, park the car and walk them to the front door.

5.  Unload the car – one bag at a time.  Instead of trying to grab every single bag in one trip, unload the car one bag at a time.  Empty the bag in the house, then return to the car for another!  The steps will add up quick!

6.  Hide the remote.  Remember the days when you had to get off the sofa to turn up the volume or change the channel?  Let’s try that again – sorry fellas!

7.  Everybody dance now!  Thrown an impromptu dance party and get the family together to show off those moves.  Everybody likes a dance party!

8.  Take the stairs.  The elevator looks tempting, but take the stairs.  It is pretty easy to incorporate that into your daily routine!

 9.  Grab a buddy.  Find a “teammate” to push you towards your goal.  The competitive nature will help add fuel to your fire and help you blaze through your goal.

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