Summer’s drawing to a close and school will be in session in no time.

Transitioning your family back into a school day routine is never easy – but it can be an effective springboard to a healthier lifestyle for you. As you fall back into the habit of early wake up times, after-school practices and other school year activities, consider how you can integrate some new habits of your own to live healthy and happy. Think over these tips and see how they’ll fit into your lifestyle.

Embrace the Change!

Don’t just accept your new routine. Embrace it.

“You have new routines and different weather, so making healthier changes is an easy adjustment you can combine with other changes,” says Susan B. Roberts, Ph.D., a weight-loss expert.

Set your alarm for a few minutes earlier than you need to, lace up your running shoes, pull on a fleece and enjoy the crisp fall mornings during a walk around your block.

Lunchbox Lessons

When packing lunch boxes before the school day begins, don’t stop with the kids! Pack yourself a healthy meal and and enough low-calorie snack options to last throughout your workday and help you eliminate those trips to the drive-through. Take a look at our “Top 5 Brown Bag Lunch Ideas” for tips on packing healthy and satisfying foods.

Don’t Just Cheer From the Bleachers

Evenings and weekends bring football games, soccer matches and marching band rehearsals. Instead of cheering your kids on from a seat in the stands, take advantage of that time to walk or jog the perimeter of the field. A brisk 30-minute walk is not only a great calorie burner – it gets you closer to the action on the field!

Find a Partner

No matter the time of year, making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is a challenge. But it’s a challenge that’s easier to overcome with a trusted partner by your side. If you need help this Fall finding the time and motivation to find and maintain a more healthy lifestyle, contact us for a consultation. We can help.