Although the calendar just flipped to February over the weekend, store shelves have been stocked with heart-shaped boxes brim-full of decadent chocolates since the day after New Year’s.

This has not gone unnoticed by your significant other.

He means well and you know that.

But you also know that those chocolates, combined with a special dinner from that place where he thought you had your first date, is a diet bomb that you’re not sure your health and diet plans could easily withstand.

You still have time to plant seeds now that will result in receiving healthier Valentine’s Day gifts!

  • Dark chocolates     Drop some hints about how much you enjoy dark chocolates. High quality dark chocolate contains heart-healthy antioxidants and when enjoyed in responsible servings, can reasonably fit within a balanced and healthy diet plan.
  • Fondue    This staple of 1970’s culture has been enjoying quite a renaissance for a few years now. Remind your partner how delicious chocolate-dipped fruit can be and hopefully he’ll pick up on the hint. Having your own fondue kit allows you to determine in the moment just how much chocolate you feel comfortable adding to bananas, berries and more.
  • Berries & Cream    A serving of raspberries and low-fat whipped cream is a deliciously modest dessert option – and the bright red and white color presentation is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Try this instead of the typical and tired box of chocolates for a fun out-of-the-box option.
  • Upgrade    Remind him that roses are always zero calories and will last longer than that heart-shaped double fudge cake.

Delicious dessert options for Valentine’s Day are out there. And NOW is the time to begin dropping hints about smart options before someone you love spends some serious cash on diet-busting chocolates!