It’s been a busy month around here and we assume you’ve been running ninety-to-nothing as well.

If you’ve missed a blog post or two, we certainly forgive you, but we also encourage you to revisit any you may have overlooked. We covered some great topics, have a look:

We kicked off the month of May with a two part series on the CrossFit phenomenon. You can read part one here to learn about the founding and history of CrossFit. Read about some specific CrossFit exercises that you can do in part two of our series here.

In our post titled, The Motive Behind Motivation, we explored what motivates us, why, and what motivation actually is.

We shared a few low-calorie grill-ready recipes in our blog post titled It’s Getting Grill Out Here.

Daily multivitamins play a key role in a healthy lifestyle. In our blog post titled Pick Up a New Daily Habit, we introduced you to our exclusive Daily Plex multivitamin.

Memphis in May means barbecue. And barbecue means side dishes loaded with carbs, starches and mayonnaise. Discover delicious, low-calories sides for your next barbecue in our blog post Let’s Dish About Sides.

Could losing weight really be as easy as putting junk food treats out of reach? Well, it helps. Read our blog post Five Ways to Lose Weight Without Even Trying to learn some no-nonsense, and absurdly easy ways to lose a few extra pounds a month.

Are you committed to lose weight? If so, we’re committed to help you succeed. Read our post Lose Weight and Save Money at Mediplan to learn how you can become a member of our Committed to Lose Club and save money on your monthly visit.

Have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend and we’ll see you here in June!