For most of us, a weight loss journey is a challenging endeavor. Successes, setbacks, victories, and struggles punctuate a months-long effort to alter not only what we eat, but how we live our lives.

During that journey, it’s easy to sometimes allow ourselves to feel a little overwhelmed by the task at hand.

That’s why it’s vital to focus on goals and benchmarks other than a final goal weight. If our only target is to someday view a specific (and significantly smaller) number on the bathroom scale, then we have provided ourselves no opportunities to enjoy success along the journey. Celebrating small successes is one very effective key to a successful weight loss plan.

Another key is to expose yourself to the successes of others.

Sharing in the successes of friends and neighbors who are tackling the same issues as you is a great way to keep you both motivated.

And if you’re the only one you know who’s committed to losing weight?

If you’re having trouble finding a motivation partner, contact us here at Mediplan! Our professionals are ready to help you celebrate your successes, assist you through your challenges and offer up the motivation you need to continue the amazing work you’ve started.

In fact, we’re in the mood for a little motivation right now.

Watch the video below and meet Stacey Morris. She decided to make a change in her life to more accurately present to the world a person who looked the way she felt inside. Her dedication, hard work and ultimate success is nothing short of inspiring to see.

Click the video and take a look!