Losing weight can be hard.  The weight loss journey that you’re on can be frustrating, challenging, and littered with temptation. However, it can also be richly rewarding. To succeed on this journey, you’ll need to be focused, prepared, and committed to lose the weight.  At MediPlan Diet Services, we are committed to helping you lose unwanted weight, and we have created the Committed to Lose Club® to reward you for your hard work and commitment.

So, are you committed to lose? If so, join Mediplan Diet Center’s exclusive Committed to Lose Club and earn rewards for your hard work.

How do you join the Committed to Lose Club?

When you stick with the MediPlan program for three months in a row, we discount the following month’s follow-up visit. This is just another way that MediPlan is committed to your success.

Stay Committed or Lose The Discount! 

To qualify for the discount, the client must appear for a regularly scheduled appointment for three consecutive months. The discounted visit is ONLY redeemable for the regularly scheduled appointment for the month immediately following the three consecutive visits.

You’ll lose weight and save money!

To lose weight successfully, there are some very real things that we all need: motivation, accountability, the tools to succeed – and from time to time we could also use a little reward to feel like we’re doing good work.

Get all of that and more when you become part of the Committed to Lose Club at Mediplan Diet.

So, are you ready to join the club?

Make the call today to Mediplan Diet or click the Schedule an Appointment button at the top of this page to get started.


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