Losing weight is whatever you want it to be, except a checklist. You just cannot jot down, “I’ve done this, completed that.” We think of it as a journey to a healthier lifestyle. We believe it’s a choice to be the best version of yourself.

The best part of it? You can use checklists to ensure you’re on the right track. You can have it all, from adapted plans that fit your schedule to workout routines designed for your body type and medical needs.

And you most likely already have a checklist of foods to avoid. It seems endless, doesn’t it?

Here is a list of foods you can truly enjoy that will help you lose weight?

Foods for a Flat Tummy

The consequences of abdominal fat are not only physical. Some nutritionists use the expression, “what’s on the outside is on the inside as well.” They are referring to fat build-up on your organs.

Shedding that abdominal fat can be achieved with the help of apples, lentils, wild salmon, almond butter, buckwheat pasta, and avocado. So, if you’re creative enough, we just offered you the ingredients for a full lunch that will not add a single drop of fat to your waist.

Low-Calorie Intake

It has been proven over time that calorie counting leads to frustration and more relapses than any other diet if it’s not supported by sufficient nutrients. To put it simply, you cannot live on cucumbers and watermelons.

But you have great options that can help you suppress hunger while also providing the best vitamins and minerals your body needs. You can consume kale, blueberries, pomegranates, yogurt, quinoa, olive oil, and tarragon. With a bit of imagination, you’re all set for your snack prepping for an entire week.

Fiber Supplementing

Your digestive system needs help to absorb all the best nutrients from food intake. This means not only providing the right foods but also maintaining regular bowel movements for food to pass naturally through the digestive tract (hint: the more the bowel stays in, the more toxins get absorbed).

Having a diet rich in fibers helps you maintain a healthy digestive system to achieve optimal nutrient absorption. And here are the foods that can help: quinoa, oats, goji berries, steak, sardines. And since the last two need a bit of flavoring, try tarragon to cut down on that salt.

Natural Fat Burners

If you’re searching for fat burners, you’ll most likely get some supplements you can take to help you burn fat. Although there are some out there worth the advertisements, most of them are just ineffective. So why bother?

Instead, you can add some foods that will not only act as fat burners, but they’ll also bring more nutrients to the table: chili peppers, green tea, MCT oils (coconut oil is the best source), yogurt, caffeine (without the sugar), lemon water.

Losing weight is not about what you cut down from your menu. It’s about what you put in your body. A healthy diet will not pack on the pounds. Just remember that your health begins on your plate. Eat healthily, use the tips available to you, and, as we said before, use common sense.