One thing you see and hear every single day on all media channels is “drink at least half a gallon of water per day.” And you know it’s vital. Water makes up approximately 70% of your body. With all the attention on water, you might find it hard to drink enough.

Learn why you should drink more water. And, more importantly, learn when should you drink water for it to be most effective.

1. When You Wake Up

It’s probably the most important glass of the day. Drinking 8 oz. of water after you wake up helps activate your internal organs. It hydrates you and kickstarts your blood flow. It boosts your digestive system and helps your urinary tract. So, there are lots of benefits.

2. Half an Hour Before Each Meal

Having a glass of water before a meal not only helps you eat less, but it improves your digestion as well. This is true, especially if you have solid foods. Your digestive system is based on mechanical actions. Your stomach and intestines contract and release to help food pass.

Without proper hydration, this process is much harder. Without hydration, your body keeps waste in your system longer, allowing the absorption of unwanted substances.

3. Before, During and After Exercising

This one seems hard. It’s even harder to exercise dehydrated. 2-3 glasses of water before a workout sets the ground for more energy. Having a few sips every 10-15 minutes during a workout maintains your electrolytes and allows you to keep going. Drinking 1-2 glasses after a workout, slowly, enables your circulation and heart rate to get back to normal.

4. Before a Bath

One of the main tips when going to a sauna is to stay hydrated. The same applies to your at-home baths, especially if you’re planning a long, bubbly bath. The higher the temperature, the faster you lose fluids. So, a glass of water before a bath can help you enjoy it better.

5. Before Sleep

During your rest, your body still functions. Giving it the tools to work with will help it by replenishing fluid loss. However, if you have any circulatory or urinary tract issues, discuss this aspect with your doctor first.

6. Hydrate While You’re Sick

Staying hydrated paves the road to a faster recovery. Dehydration is directly linked with decreased immunity. Water will help your body eliminate bacteria. And it can also help lower a high temperature if you have a cold, the flu, or any other infection.

7. Drink Water to Avoid Dozing Off

Sometimes our body functions poorly because it simply does not have the necessary tools to transport the required elements to our cells. Water is the main tool your body needs. Dehydration goes hand in hand with fatigue. Drink a glass of water when you’re feeling sleepy. Choose it before caffeine-based drinks. It might help more thank you thought.

8. Stay Hydrated to Avoid Sickness

A functional and immunized body can fight off an infection before it even sets in. This is why drinking plenty of water when the people around you are victims of the common cold helps you stay safe. Keep your immune system strong, and viruses and bacteria will stay away from you.

All in all, we know the benefits of drinking water. It can do wonders for our health if we drink it wisely. Gorging on gallons will do no good if it’s timed poorly. And drinking TOO MUCH water can cause more harm than good. So follow these tips closely. You’ll thank us for them!