So many opinions are out there concerning the reputation of the most crucial meal of the day. Can eating breakfast help you shed some pounds? Probably you’ve heard some suggest that you should skip this meal in order to achieve your goal but you’re unsure about it. Here’s why you should include breakfast in your campaign of losing weight.

Workouts and Skipping Breakfast

If you’ve ever heard the advice that working out more and eating less makes one lose weight, then shut your ears to it. It is much more nuanced to create lasting habits. During a workout, you use up the energy stores in your body. They need a replacement as quickly as possible.

For your body to properly recover, you should serve it with carbohydrates almost immediately after a workout. Only then can it replace your energy stores effectively. If you skip this step, you’ll be more susceptible to injury. That would be another roadblock to your journey of losing weight.

Begin Your Day and Diet Well

When it comes to breakfast and weight loss, there’s a major pattern. People who do not take breakfast often feel or think they should take more snacks later or a bigger lunch. If you try skipping this morning meal, you’ll probably find yourself trying to compensate for it.

Forgo a breakfast sandwich and, before you know it, you’d have taken a post-lunch cookie. That alone, can block you from your journey of shedding a few pounds. Therefore, just view breakfast as the starting point for a number of healthy, decisions you’ll have to make during your day in order to lose weight.

The Three Major Elements You Need in Your Breakfast

If you’re one of those people that breakfast sets the tone of the day for, then it can really help you fuel your body properly. With it, moving on to do those things you need to is easy. However, it should consist of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for it to help you lose some weight. Bananas, whole grain bread toasted with nut butter can do well.

Not a Breakfast Person?

Are you the kind of person that doesn’t like taking anything in the morning but coffee? If unprepared, you’ll overeat when the usual time of your getting hungry comes. Therefore, carry some Greek yogurt, a hard-boiled egg or butter, and some crackers in your work bag. This way, you’ll avoid eating just anything when hunger knocks at your door.

Note that if you do not love breakfast meals, know that there’re no strict rules. Try making your favorites the things you eat early in the morning. Also, experiments with bits of what you like. For instance, if you love eating avocado and it’s hard to taste it that early, try an avocado toast.


Contrary to what you may have heard, skipping breakfast doesn’t help in your plan of losing weight. Rather, it worsens your problem. Trying to eat a balanced early morning meal can go a long way in your plan of shedding some pounds. The good thing is that you can eat your favorites for breakfast. Then, you’ll get great results with your discipline.