Weight loss doesn’t have to be all sugar-free granola bars and sweaty elliptical machines.

Trust us, we’re professionals!

Between our awesome and creative clients and online resources like Pinterest, we’ve discovered some really fun and effective ways to help you stay motivated and inspired while you lose weight and get healthy.

Here are a few of our current favorites:

Moti-mason Jars

What you’ll need:

Two Mason jars

Pebbles, stones, or marbles

Paint pens, labels, or stickers.

What you’ll do:

Summon your inner HGTV and paint “Pounds Lost” on one jar and “Pounds to Lose” on the second. Count out the quantity of marbles that matches the pounds you have to your goal weight and drop them into your “Pounds to Lose” jar. Keep your jars in a conspicuous location and as you lose the weight, move your marbles into the “Pounds Lost” jar.

The “Spot-On” Tracking System

What you’ll need:

Small green, yellow, and red stickers

Wall calendar

What you’ll do:

At the end of each day, apply a colored sticker to the calendar to represent your success on that day.

Apply a green sticker if you adhered to your chosen diet plan to the letter. Apply a yellow sticker to that particular day if you perhaps could’ve done better, but managed to pull things out. Perhaps you chose a soda instead of water or missed out on your morning run. Apply a red sticker if you had a bad day on your chosen diet and fitness plan.

At the end of each month, take a few steps back and look at the calendar. What color is most prominent? Whether it was a successful or not so successful month, use it as motivation for the next four weeks!

Lost it, Toss it!

What you’ll need:

16×20 poster board

Small square Post-It Notes

What you’ll do:

Write your current weight on one Post-It Note. Then subtract one pound and write that number on a second Post-It Note. Continue in this manner until you’ve reached your goal weight.

Arrange the Post-It Notes onto the large poster board in descending order starting with your current weight and culminating with your goal weight at the bottom.

Hang it up where you’ll see it every day and as you lose weight, remove the applicable Post-It Notes and toss them in to the trash until you’ve reached the last one!

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