Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

We’ve all experienced the sudden urge to fill our face with chocolate, pretzels, pastries, or something else equally delicious and diet-derailing.


Most times, succumbing to an occasional urge for something naughty will not ruin your diet. However, if you allow yourself to give in to a craving each and every time you feel one coming on, you’ll make it quite hard on yourself to reach your ultimate weight loss goals.

But wait, we happen to have a few ideas on ways you can combat your cravings and overcome those urges.

Plate It.

There’s a Bachelor marathon on Bravo and the kids have a bag of Doritos in the pantry.

I get it.

Here’s my secret: grab a plate or shallow bowl and treat yourself to one serving of whatever it is you are craving. Once the bowl is empty, you’re done.

Freshen up with Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a natural appetite suppressant and it’s also been found to increase focus and mental alertness by 30%. It is the most powerful straight on the tongue, and can also be enjoyed by putting a few drops in a half glass of water. Craving chocolate? Squeeze a drop of peppermint oil on your tongue followed by a bite a dark chocolate for a rich and delicious treat!

Walk it Off

This is a win-win. Going for a brisk walk will kick your cravings while burning extra calories. Walking once daily will fire up your lymphatic system and massage your intestines ensuring proper digestion.

Get your Beauty Sleep

Lack of sleep reduces the amount of leptin in your body, a hormone that regulates when to stop eating. When leptin is out of balance, a counter-acting hormone sends signals to your body that it is hungry when it is not. Sleeping enough each night (7-9 hours) is vital for reducing your cravings and balancing your body’s hormones.

Water, water, water

Water is a natural appetite suppressant – so drink lots of it! When the body is imbalanced, it can send false signals of hunger and lead to a strong craving for something savory or sweet. Before caving to your next craving, enjoy a tall glass of water and see how you feel.

Be sure to drink between meals, and consider doing a water cleanse when feeling your body feels sluggish.

Responsibly giving in to a craving from time to time is okay. In fact, I’m confident that allowing myself a Kit Kat bar every once in a while has made me infinitely easier to live with. For more tips and tricks to crush cravings, call Mediplan today or click the Schedule an Appointment button at the top of this page.