I just absolutely LIVE for good “hair” days. And good “eye makeup” days. And on the rare days that the stars align and my hair and eyes are both on fleek as my tween daughter says:

Look out.

By the way, so sorry about the “on fleek.” My kid was staring over my shoulder reading this as I type. Mortally embarrassing her by including that phrase was my best strategy to get her to leave me alone for a few minutes.

But I digress.

Feeling beautiful is a powerful, pleasant, and overwhelmingly emotionally healthy feeling to enjoy. I hope you are able to find ways to feel beautiful each and every day. And I hope you have people in your life that help reinforce your emotional health by telling you that you’re beautiful – whether or not you’re having a good “hair” day.

As emotionally healthy as it is to feel outwardly beautiful, it is equally physiologically healthy to be “beautiful” on the inside.

How do you do that?

Two words: healthy living.

I get it. That’s so much easier said than done. But think about it, “Bed hair, don’t care” is so much easier than working to create a good “hair” day. Right?

And I’m sure as shooting not coming to work with bed hair no matter how beautiful I may feel otherwise.

What I’m saying is, being “beautiful” on the inside is just as worth the effort of healthy living as feeling outwardly beautiful is worth the effort of my burned fingertips thanks to my juggling a flatiron, eyeliner, and cup of coffee this morning.

So, ladies, let’s live beautifully inside and out!

The first step? A smile.

Seriously, just smile. You’re beautiful when you smile.

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