The holiday season is approaching and we all know what that means. There is going to be a lot for you to eat at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Beautifully roasted turkey with delicious gravy, stuffed to make you want more. With such a delicious meals and desserts all around, you are bound to give into your desires and overeat. It happens to the best of us.

There are some ways where you can enjoy the beautiful dinner that will be prepared and not overeat. Here are a few tips that you can use to maintain your weight and diet for holidays.

1.     Don’t overeat!

The first thing you must realize is that around the holidays is an easy time to overeat.  So, before the main meal, decide how you will try to maintain portion control.  Maybe you say that 1/2 your plate will be salad.  Maybe you implement a “no seconds” rule.  You deserve to enjoy the holiday meals with your family.  Just try to plan ahead for the temptations.

2.     Do not starve yourself till dinner

One thing you should remember is not to skip any meals during the holidays. If you are going to a dinner party where you have to arrive at eight, but it’s only seven and your stomach is reminding you to eat something, do it.

If you decide to starve yourself it is possible that at dinner you will overeat. In such situations, it is better to have a small snack. Grab an apple or a sandwich before leaving. It will curb your hunger and you won’t stuff yourself till you can’t eat anymore.

3.     See everything that is available

Don’t just go to the buffet table and fill your plate up with a “little bit of everything.” Take your time and see what is available there. Choose from the things that are your favorite to the ones that are your least favorite.

Also look at other offerings that are available. If there are fruits and vegetables available, balance your plate accordingly. Create a plate that can fill you up with lesser calories than only the things that you wanted to eat. Yes, it is the holiday season and you must be able to enjoy the food, but creating a balanced plate will help you fill up and not go overboard with calories.

4.     Don’t stuff yourself

Experts say that holiday weight gain is the most difficult to shred down because most of our traditional meals are filled with unwanted carbs and calories. You have to pace yourself when you sit down to eat.

Do not eat till you feel stuffed, eat till you feel full. Leaving a bit of space in your stomach is always good for you and you can savor the favorite meals of your holidays. Eat slower so that you feel fuller faster and don’t end up with a bloated stomach by the end of the dinner.

5.     Watch what you drink

Drinks are a necessity at a party, but you can always choose what you drink carefully. If you go for too many alcoholic beverages, you might end up drinking more calories than actually eating!

Try to keep a check on how many glasses of wine you are having. Try reaching for a water after each glass of wine. Sodas may not make you feel intoxicated, but they are filled with so much sugar that you should just avoid them completely.

The easiest way to control what you drink is to have a two glasses of cold water every time you feel like you want to have a drink. Since your thirst will be quenched and your belly will be full of water, you will be less likely to reach for another drink.

6.     Prepare something yourself

If you are going to a party, you can always add to the menu by bringing something you made yourself. Make sure it is enough so that everyone can try it. Oh and please don’t be rude, try other people’s dishes too, small quantities of carbs and calories are ok.

There are delicious recipes for a healthy diet for holidays, do your research and prepare something everyone would want to eat.

Try out these tips on your next thanksgiving or Christmas family dinner and see that you can maintain your diet goals throughout the holiday season.



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