Nabisco has it in for me.

I’ll explain.

Late last month, I – like perhaps more than a few of you – made a handful of special trips to the grocery store to ensure that my family was prepared to endure a couple of days of icy weather.

It was during one of those trips that I noticed something deliciously new in the cookies aisle.

A familiar and popular chocolate chip cookie brand seems to under the impression that customers like you and me are immune to the charms of their regular offerings of crunchy and chewy cookies.

One that pre-ice storm grocery visit, I stumbled upon an entirely new selection of chocolate chip cookies that feature fillings of either vanilla crème, marshmallow, and brownie.

A brownie-stuffed chocolate chip cookie.

Nabisco has it in for me.

I admit. I caved.

I bought a package and gave them a try.

They’re good. Not great.

But it raised a larger and far more important question in my mind regarding my weight loss journey.

How do we deal with the inevitable temptations that exist around every corner of the supermarket aisle and every page of the restaurant menu?

The best answer I can provide here may not be very satisfying. That’s because that answer is truly different for each of us.

For me, it’s about “caving” from time to time.


I’ve found a balance in my own weight loss journey that allows me the flexibility to succumb to a few brownie-stuffed cookies every once in a while.

Could that work for you? Perhaps. Certainly treating yourself to a modest dessert from time to time will not derail your diet plan. However, the truth of the matter is dealing with tempting foods is a very personal thing.

For successful strategies of dealing with temptation – and ultimately overcoming it however you need to – schedule a consultation with us here at Mediplan Diet Services.

Whether your best solution is avoidance, appetite suppressants, or simply learning about a few healthy alternatives to the food that tempt you, we can offer you proven advice that’s tailored to your life.