Did you know you can burn hundreds of extra calories every day with very little effort? That’s right! Working out doesn’t have to be dramatic or intense. You can have a little fun burning those calories while doing everyday tasks. Check out and try the following simple tips.

Take a grocery shopping trip

This sounds like a bad joke, but it works. Grab your shopping bag and head to your local grocery. Take the scenic route and inspect lots of veggies on your way. You’ll burn more than 100 calories shopping for over thirty minutes and another 100 calories carrying your grocery bag to the car. Of course, the longer the shopping trip, the better—it’s the walking that works.


Want a new hobby that’ll help you shed 100 calories? Try gardening. All the lifting, digging, and pruning will leave you with a healthy heart and fewer net calories at the end of the day. There are lots of guides for beginner gardeners. The best gardening option for beginners is usually veggies or flowers.


Swimming is one of the most underrated methods of burning calories. Not only does it help you lose a few pounds, but in the process, you get a full-body workout. Don’t know how to swim? There are lots of public pools and low-cost inflatable pools you can set up in just a few minutes. Try swimming today and see how easy it is to burn 100 calories.


Perhaps, you have never thought walking could do you any good, right? It is the easiest and most straightforward way to cut off 100 calories. Walk to the nearest Starbucks the next time you want to have evening coffee or walk from your office to your home if it’s close. During weekends, take a walk a few blocks around your neighborhood. You’ll find yourself slimming down in no time.

Walk your dog

Instead of hiring someone to take the dog out for a walk, why not do it yourself? You’ll be surprised by how many calories you can burn in a short jaunt. Your dog will also love you for it. If you can get to the park and play a game of fetch, you’ll burn even more calories and get time to bond with your dog.

Play golf

Golf is one of the few sports out there that doesn’t require you to exert yourself. However, when you carry your clubs across the course, you’ll burn more calories than you can imagine. It is something you can do with a couple of friends without making them feel out of place.


Zumba is a super simple and fun dance workout. When exercising, you can vary the intensity depending on your level of fitness and increase the tempo once you get used to it. You only need a couple of minutes to burn 100 calories. The fact that it involves dance is what makes it interesting. By increasing the pace, you will be able to burn calories faster.