Are you thinking of creating a workout routine soon? This blog will help you get started on what to do in the first month of visiting the gym.

First week:

As soon as you reach the gym, it is essential that you start with some stretching exercises to accustom your body for the stress your muscles are about to endure. Stretching helps you avoid injuries which occur in people who are not used to working out.

After stretching, hit twenty one minutes on the treadmill with five minutes of running and two minutes of cooling down to a speed where you walk briskly. This helps increase your stamina and it is recommended to use the treadmill for the whole first month of your training.

The main areas that you should be focusing on in the first month are the chest, legs, biceps and triceps. Start with machines as they are easier to handle and will allow for a better angle at lifting weights. The first week workout will be on alternate days to help the muscles recover, with Saturday and Sundays as rest days.

Workouts to hit in the first week are the Butterfly press, machine assisted bench press, biceps curl, machine triceps lift and leg raises. Start with weights which allow you to do 10-12 reps per set, and three sets of each.

Abs will be covered twice a day for the whole month. Crunches, and back leg raises will be done in three sets of twelve reps for each.

Second week:

Now would be the time to divide your days according to your body parts. This week includes four days of workout which will split your training as follows:

Monday/Thursday: Biceps and Chest

Tuesday/Friday: Triceps and Legs

Start off with the same routine, stretches and treadmill and increase the weight on the machines if you feel like 3 sets are easily doable for 12 reps. Start paying attention to your diet and it is important to have protein within the hour of finishing your workout. It is easy to find Memphis diet plans online to help boost your workout.

Third week:

It is time to include some more body parts to your routine. Now we will start focusing on the back. Once your upper body strength will start developing in the first two weeks, back exercises will become easier. Now your routine will change as follows:

Monday: Chest/Biceps

Tuesday: Shoulders/Triceps

Thursday: Thighs/Back

Friday: Hamstrings/Forearms

This is the stage to move to free weights and say goodbye to machines as machines are good but they limit your potential by providing support to your lifts. For Forearms, Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders, a mix of dumbbell and bar bell exercises will do.

For chest and the back, the bench press is your best friend.

For legs, machines are necessary so there is not much of a choice there.

Fourth Week:

This is the time when you start testing your limits when it comes to weights. Increase the weight so you are barely able to do ten reps in each set for all the exercises that you were doing in the third week. The rep scheme remains the same throughout the month: three sets with twelve reps each.

Once you get started on this plan, you will be able to focus individually on each muscle group seeing a drastic change in your body.

Follow this plan for your first month with a Memphis diet and feel the change in your strength. You will gradually start lifting heavier weights and your body will start to show definition.

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