You know, if Thanksgiving were just about a plump roasted turkey, we’d be just fine.

But years ago, somebody’s sweet granny invented pumpkin and pecan pies (because surely it had to have been a sweet granny who made those, right?)

Not to be outdone, somebody else’s pilgrim granny invented apple cobbler while the gentleman of the family were outside frying turkeys.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2015 and we’re tempted by generations of family recipes for decadent desserts, succulent sweets, and other appetizing alliterations.

But this year, we can all be thankful for this list of recipes for Thanksgiving classics that spare a few calories, carbs, or a little fat to help make our holidays a little healthier and happier.

For Starters:

Pumpkin Soup

It’s never a bad idea to start a meal with a healthy soup. It fills room in your stomach and simply sets the mood for a great meal. This great recipe from the Mayo Clinic is just 77 calories per serving!

The Main Dish:

When served without carb-loads of stuffing, turkey isn’t all that bad, calorie-wise. But, I just have to share this Fruit-Stuffed Turkey recipe I found on the Mayo Clinic website while investigating that pumpkin soup recipe.

The Sides:

Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole

Can the secret to creamy sweet potatoes be an egg rather than an excessive amount of butter? Try this recipe from the Food Network and find out for yourself!

Green Bean Casserole

All the delicious taste, none of the sodium-rich canned cream soup! This Food Network recipe may compete with the holiday turkey as the most popular dish on the table!

And For Dessert:

Gooey Apple Pecan Bars

Finish your meal off with this tasty treat that benefits from the natural sugars in the fruit toppings instead of the added sugars of other – less delicious – desserts.

Ginger Molasses Cookies

Not only are these cookies modest in calories, they’re also dairy-free for any lactose-intolerant guests at your table.

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