Those of you touched by breast cancer – whether directly or through a loved one – know the toll it takes on a patient. And that some days the very thought of pulling yourself out of bed may be too much to bear.

But a recent study shows that if at all possible, heeding doctor’s recommendations of making some form of exercise a part of your daily routine may help in multiple ways.

The study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, found that in mice, exercise appeared to make it less likely for cancer cells to grow and when they did, researchers detailed that tumors grew more slowly on test subjects that were exposed to regular exercise.

Researchers found that exercise increased the flow of oxygen to the tumors just as it does to healthy cells within the body. But what was surprising was that this caused the tumors to grow more slowly than the more oxygen deprived environment of the sedentary mice.

Clearly more study is needed – again this study was conducted on mice and not humans, of course – but the study’s authors were impressed by the results enough to conclude that there in fact may be a correlation between regular exercise and improved efficacy of chemotherapy treatments.

So, the necessary question that needs to be answered is this: what kinds of exercises are best during and immediately following breast cancer treatment?

Certainly, the answer is very specific to the patient, but join us here at this website for our next post, where we will discuss some common exercise options.

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