At Mediplan Diet, our team is committed to helping you lose weight by developing a weight lost program with realistic goals, monthly monitoring, and offering you the encouragement that you need to achieve your goals.  In addition to our prescribed program, Mediplan Diet also offers an exclusive line of products and supplements to help you along the way.

One of our most popular supplements is the Fat, Sugar and Starch Blocker.  This supplement helps eliminate up to 500 calories PER DAY from your diet by blocking them before they enter the blood stream.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Fat, Sugar and Starch Blocker:

Question:  How does Fat, Sugar and Starch Blocker help you lose weight?

Answer: By taking just 2 capsules per day, this product can block up to 500 calories!  It also provides a second “line of defense” by working in the blood stream to further impede the level of fat, sugar and carbohydrates available for metabolism.

Question:  How long to the effects last in the body?

Answer: Only two to three hours.  For example, if taken before lunch, the product will have no effect on the food consumed at supper.

Question:  Are there any concerns or side effects from taking Fat, Sugar and Starch Blocker for the average person?

Answer: It works so effectively in blocking fat, that it will also block the absorption of some of the important fat-soluble vitamins.  We recommend taking a vitamin supplement at a time of day when you are not using the product.

You can order your bottle of Mediplan Diet’s Fat, Sugar and Starch Blocker by clicking here!

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