We covered a lot of ground over the course of this month’s blog posts.

From prepping for Valentine’s Day to gearing up for a spring break getaway, this month was busy!

If you were equally busy and happened to miss out on reading a post or two, here’s an opportunity to play a little catch up.

In our post titled Lay a Little Valentine’s Day Groundwork, we suggested some alternatives for high-calorie treats and sweets.

We offered up some exercises we think you’ll love in our post Workouts For a Happier Valentine’s Day.

In our post Obesity is Such a Pain, we examined the relationship between extra weight and chronic pain.

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate ourselves. In our post titled It’s Okay That the Voice in Your Head Isn’t Always Yours, we discuss where we find motivation.

Next, we listed the Most Surprising Side Effects of Extra Weight.

Weight loss supplements and algebra? It makes more sense than you think. Read our post Solving for Y.

Will drinking coffee help or harm your diet plan. It seems the jury’s still out. Read about the Debate Brewing Over Coffee.

How fast is too fast when you’re losing weight? Find out in our post Should I Slow Down My Slim Down?

In our post Tone Up for Spring Break, we discussed ways to prepare your bod for a beach getaway!

Have a great weekend! We’ll see you right here next month on the blog.