Squat exercises are considered by many fitness experts to be a vital element to any properly executed full-body workout regimen.

When performed carefully and correctly, squats target key muscle groups in ways that can result in a firmer, more toned and attractive appearance for your rear end, thighs, and calves.

Additionally, squats can improve the strength and elasticity of your hamstrings to keep you walking, jogging, and hiking for years to come.

And we have the plan to fast-track you up to 100 squats per day in under a month!

First, let’s talk about how you should properly execute the exercise. Don’t worry, it’s not at all difficult!

As with ANY new exercise, consult with your doctor or schedule an appointment with us before you begin working out to ensure your body is ready for the exercise.

Begin in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your side. Depending upon your current level of health and fitness, you may opt to hold a 5- to 20-pound weight in each hand.

Bend your knees to lower your upper body until your lower thighs are at least parallel to the floor. As you lower your body, stretch your arms in front of you until they are fully outstretched and parallel to the floor. Carefully push your body upward and return to your original upright position with your arms by your side.

You’ve performed a squat!

Now, just 99 more to go.

Just kidding! Have a look at the structured daily breakdown below. This chart will keep you on track and ease your body into a new exercise routine.

And it will do it in just 27 days!

Let’s get started now and feel the difference by Halloween!

Day 1: 10 Squats

Day 2: 15 Squats

Day 3: 20 Squats

Day 4: 25 Squats

Day 5: 30 Squats

Day 6: Rest (yay!)

Day 7: 30 Squats

Day 8: 35 Squats

Day 9: 40 Squats

Day 10: 45 Squats

Day 11: 50 Squats

Day 12: Rest (whew!)

Day 13: 50 Squats

Day 14: 55 Squats

Day 15: 60 Squats

Day 16: 65 Squats

Day 17: 70 Squats

Day 18: Rest (Feel the burn?)

Day 19: 70 Squats

Day 20: 75 Squats

Day 21: 80 Squats

Day 22: 85 Squats

Day 23: 90 Squats

Day 24: Rest (almost there!)

Day 25: 90 Squats

Day 26: 95 Squats

Day 27: 100 Squats

Are you up for our October weight loss challenge? Give us five quick squats and you’re as good as underway!