It all started with a pair of jeans.

On an April morning some five years ago not unlike most any other ordinary April morning, I woke up and began preparing for a busy day at work.

Things were going along fine until I slipped on my favorite pair of jeans.

As I buttoned them up, I caught a glance of my profile in the mirror.

Something looked “off.”

I contorted myself quite unnaturally until I could more clearly see the familiar back pocket stitching and the leather tag on my hip that displayed the logo.

Hmm. These were in fact the jeans I thought they were. But did they always look this way on me? Have I been walking around like this for months with no idea?

What started on that day with that pair of jeans was a quest to find clothes that more appropriately – and attractively – flattered my body type.

I think you should do it, too.

But, now that Oprah’s no longer on TV, how can we possibly know what clothing styles flatter our body type?

Fear not, when Oprah closes a door, she opens a window.

Literally, open Windows and go online. You’ll find all manner of great information about how to determine your body shape and flatter that body shape with certain clothing styles, fashions and fits.

You see, it’s generally accepted that adult women tend to fall into one of four body-type categories:

Circle Type – a thickness in the middle of the body

Triangle – Slimmer and narrower in the upper body, wider at the waist and hips

Hourglass – Even-proportioned curviness

Rectangle – Straight, even lines downward from shoulders to hips.

Here’s the deal. And I’m not really telling you anything that you don’t already know, but you feel better when you look better. And during a hard-fought weight loss journey, it’s important to feel good. It helps you to stay motivated.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of self-help advice about finding clothes that flatter, but try starting here. This article reminded me of that April day not so long ago when I saw my jeans in the mirror.

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