If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you’ve heard me along with other contributors warn against the “little effort/big reward” lure of fad diets. We’ve ridiculed oddball diets from days of old and from recent history.

Simply put, we at Mediplan Diet Services believe that because we are all different, no pre-outlined fad diet plan can possibly be as effective – and as healthy – as the kind of personalized diet and fitness plans we create here.

That being said, we also realize that slick marketing campaigns featuring promises of melted pounds, slimmer waists, and boosts of energy are difficult to ignore. With all that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of five fad diets that have proven over the years that they can be effective in helping you reach some of your weight loss or other health goals.

So, take these with a grain of salt. But here we go:

The Gluten-Free Diet

The gluten-free diet was not conceived of as a weight loss program. It was, rather, a way to combat digestive disorders such as Celiac disease. Gluten, a protein found in many grains, is known to irritate the lining of the small intestine of Celiac disease sufferers.

Because gluten is found in many high-carbohydrate foods (and often high-calorie foods) including breads, pastas, and baked goods, reducing the intake of gluten-free foods can directly result in significant weight loss.

The DASH Diet

The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension Diet is an effective way to drop pounds, but – indicative of its name – the diet also provides strategies to lower blood pressure.

The primary tenets of the DASH Diet are to lower consumption of sodium and simultaneously increase activity to stimulate blood flow.

The South Beach Diet

Do you thrive on organization? If so, you may find the multi-step South Beach Diet can work for you. One more perk, you get to eat six times per day, including three full meals and a dessert!

The Mediterranean Diet

This heart-healthy diet comes highly recommended by medical professionals and is endorsed by the famed Mayo Clinic.

Highlighted by fruits, fish, and recipes that include modest amounts of heart-healthy olive oil and red wine, the Mediterranean Diet can give you the tools to get healthy and lose weight.

The Three-Day Diet

Hey, even if it doesn’t work, it’s only three days!

Seriously, this dramatic and somewhat intense diet suggests that you strictly limit your caloric intake for three days by eating a carefully prescribed menu.

Please be aware, this diet can result in weight loss, but as I mentioned earlier, the calorie restriction is significant. I would stress that you visit your doctor or schedule an appointment with us here at Mediplan Diet Services before attempting this diet or any of the others on this list.

Fad diets get a bad rap. And honestly – most of the time – they deserve it. However, the diets listed here can work when executed correctly and under proper supervision.

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