That cold breeze brings with it the indication that it is time for a change. Just like you change your wardrobe, your body starts to change in different ways too. Your eyes tend to get more watery due to the constant dry atmosphere, and your skin tends to be flaky. Generally, you feel a bit lazier than you would in the summer time.

Among all these changes, there is a very significant change that people notice. That change is the constant hunger that you feel on daily basis. Every three hours, you feel like having another meal and this is natural. With the drop in temperature, the body needs to constantly send heat to keep us warm. This requires more energy and one of the units of measurement for energy is of course, calories!

The body requires more energy to keep our body from shivering all the time which is also another mechanism of our body to keep us warm. Shivering causes friction in the muscle which warms them up, but the system itself does not want to keep shaking all the time which is why calories are used to heat up our muscles.

Eating more in the winter is natural, but it does tend to make you gain extra 1-5 weight. Here are some foods that you should eat in the winter so that you fulfill the warmth requirement and maintain your weight till the season passes.


Take advantage of this wonderful winter fruit. Not only does it taste good, but is good for your health in numerous ways. First of all, this is one of the best detox juices among fruit juices. Some cultures call it the King of Fruits because of the crown on top of it. Pomegranates can be the fill of fruits for your winter diet. Mix them up in salads or just have them in their raw form. The fruit is filled with nutrients. Pomegranates are good for your heart and help remove plaque buildup in the arteries. Don’t let a winter go by without having this fruit. Juice it, mix it, whatever way you like it, but do have it.


There is no better breakfast to have than a good old fashioned bowl of oatmeal. Actually, why keep it old fashioned. Mix it up with fruits and vegetables and add flavor to it. Packed with nutrients, you will stay full for longer. A hot bowl of oatmeal will help keep you warm!

Oatmeal is also one of the major foods that is said to have a good affect on your overall health. Oatmeal is free of cholesterol so it is heart healthy too. Try having an oatmeal breakfast and see the change in yourself.


You can always count on Mother Nature to provide the things that we need to keep ourselves warm and happy. One such thing is honey. In comparison, one teaspoon of sugar contains lesser calories than a teaspoon of honey, but people tend to use lesser amounts of it as it is denser and much sweeter than table sugar.

Honey is a good ally in your winter diet for keeping your calories down!


Although given a bad rep due to low carb diets, potatoes can be very beneficial in the winters. Potatoes come packed with vitamins and nutrients. In fried form, they may not be as beneficial, but you can have them boiled or baked. Potatoes in their truest form are a very good source of vitamin C.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are full of monounsaturated fatty acids which are the good kind of fat that the body needs. People who have an acne problem are told to stay away from nuts, but in the winters they can do wonders for you.

Add it to your morning oatmeal breakfast to reap the benefits of both.

Coconut Milk

Here’s one you might not have heard before. Coconut milk is something that is very good for the skin, but it is equally good for your internal system. It speeds up your metabolism and increases weight loss. There are certain brands which have a higher calorie count than others, so you might have to read the label before you purchase it.

Dark Chocolate

According to weight loss experts in Memphis, dark chocolate is one of the best tasting antioxidants you can ever have. Dark chocolate, consumed in small amounts, can curb your cravings for sweet things and give you the benefit of the antioxidants without consuming too many calories.

Greek Yogurt

The advantage of Greek yogurt over regular yogurt is that it contains a lot more protein and calcium. Greek yogurt can be a great replacement for things such as sour cream and mayonnaise. It is made just like regular yogurt, but is stripped off of the whey and lactose that is found in normal yogurt. Try switching to it today and taste the difference.

Red Wine

Yup, what better to keep you warm in the winters than alcohol? If you feel like relaxing in the evening, make red wine a part of your winter diet, but make sure you don’t consume too much. Red wine has antioxidants in it and can fight premature aging.

Weight loss experts in Memphis recommend taking extra care of your diet in the winters so you do not put on those extra pounds! Try adding all these things to your winter diet as recommended and maintain your weight throughout the season.

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