The internet has taken the world by storm and so is technology. With everything having gone mobile, weight loss tracking has not been left behind. Put your smartphone to use to help you shed off excess fat this year. A fitness app is (almost) as good as a personal trainer, but at no cost. What’s more, you can use it on the go. Here are the top fitness apps to help you lose weight fast.

10 High-Rated Fitness Apps for Your Smartphone

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Endomondo is a sophisticated fitness app for anyone on the go and with fitness needs, such as bikers and athletes. Use the GPS feature to track your routes, making running or jogging so much fun. The app doesn’t just record your workout sessions, but gives you access to lap times, history of your workouts and Google maps view.

Each time you cover a distance of one mile, you receive notifications and get to engage with your friends on pep talk for the motivation you need to keep working out. The premium account, available at $3.99, can source data from popular pedometers and heart-rate sensors, with Twitter and Facebook integration.

2. MyNetDiary Calorie Counter for iPhone and Android

It takes exercise, change of habits and a balanced diet to lose weight. Deemed the most powerful tool for nutrition, this fitness app acts as a diet coach, ensuring that you only consume the right foods required by your body. It tracks your workouts, nutrition and calorie consumption to help you take charge of your consumption.

The app features graphs and charts to graphically represent your fitness progress. As a result, it acts as the motivation you need to keep exercising and eating healthy foods to cut down weight. Featuring a database of more than 400,000 different dishes for varying diet plans, the app is easy to use.

3. Noom Weight Loss for Android

Noom is a fitness app designed to help you lose weight from your head to toe. The app enables you to come up with weight loss goals and even keep track of your progress. It also allows you to be accountable of the foods you consume by letting you track your consumption.

The app can also support your need to make healthy choices by logging your physical activities and exercises.

4. The Game: Eat This, Not That!

This is a game designed to support your efforts to lose weight. The game showcases two similar foods or dishes and you’re expected to pick one that’s less fatty and more nutritious. You learn tricks to help you select healthy meals, despite the game’s addictive nature.

Moreover, you learn about the best meal options in popular restaurants by playing this game.

5. Daytum for iPhone

This is an informative infographics app. It collects statistics on fitness, converting them into attractive infographics you can share with your friends and loved ones. The app enables tracking of calories or exercises, logging weights and even keeping a catalog of your feelings as they occur. The graphs allow you to keep track of your progress.

Furthermore, sharing your progress with friends can act as the motivation you need to steer you toward your weight loss goals.

6. Fooducate Nutrition Scanner for iPhone and Android

With this app, you can scan your food’s UPC to learn more about its true nutritional content. For instance, you can learn if its level of calcium is safe or dangerous, or even if the vitamins or minerals it features are obtained from chemical or natural sources.

The app has the ability to grade foods relative to their alternatives; this ensures that you are able to select healthier foods. Non-dieters can easily boost their menus in a fun way, with the help of this app. It’s also a great companion for your nutritional diet plans.

7. Nike Training Club for iPhone

Unlike having a personal trainer, this app can act both as your free trainer and diet coach. The app features various exercises from pro athletes, Nike’s professionals and celebrity trainers to support your need to cut weight and keep fit. Pick workouts based on your abilities, diet and fitness needs. What’s more, there are exercises designed particularly for women.

8. JEFIT for Android

This app is designed for the seasoned gymnast to offer in-depth training and tracking of exercises. Choose from hundreds of workouts stored in the app’s database and accessible from the anatomical map. With the help of the app, you can develop powerful super-set exercises.

While training, you can log your progress photos to watch your body muscles as they tone into shape.

9. DailyBurn for iPhone

Designed by professionals at the DailyBurn health blog, this app is meant for beginners. As you embark on your journey to weight loss, this app allows you to set goals, access workout and wellness articles and even get to track your progress.

Paid add-ons come with powerful tracking tools, a food tracker based on barcode scanning, an in-app connection to a fitness consultant and hundreds of exercises created for different diet plans.

10. GymGoal for iPhone

This fitness app trains on various exercises, ensures that your workouts are well-balanced and keeps you at a maximum training pace. It supports your selection of a balanced routine with the ability to tone and tighten your body. Customize reps and sets to fit your goals of losing weight.

Vibration alerts and rest timers are built into the app to notify you when it’s time to take some rest. The fitness app also comes with an iTunes control to let you play your favorite songs while exercising. Although the dumbbell-only version is free, you stand to access more feature and benefits from the paid version.

Your weight loss efforts don’t have to stop because you need to take a trip or travel for a vacation. With these great fitness apps, you can exercise on the go, ensuring that your goal to lose weight remains a priority in your busy schedule.

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