Has it ever happened that you think of going to the gym but then, the most powerful laziness attack hits you and you end up staying home? You are not alone in this. People all over the world experience this phenomenon.

Going to the gym requires preparing the mind more than the body. You have to stay determined and just one distraction may cause you to find yourself sitting in your room saying, “maybe tomorrow.” Don’t worry; there is an alternative to this.

Ever thought of gardening to stay fit? Yes many don’t. Memphis weight loss experts suggest that gardening is a wonderful experience that leaves you feeling physically fit and happy. Gardening involves a lot of physical actions such as watering, standing, kneeling, and pulling which can help you burn more than 300 calories per hour.

Gardening may seem like a physically strenuous task, but it is more of an experience than just an activity. When a gardener sees his planted seeds grow into a living thing, it instills a sense of purpose in their mind.

Processes like planting, composting and weeding are ones which require flexibility and strength from the Gardener. One of the best activities is mowing a lawn with a hand mower. A hand mower requires precision and strength from the gardener and keeps his mind sharp while he’s physically pushing the mower across his lawn.

Like the gym, gardening requires slow progress. Start with easier tasks and progress along. Do not start shoveling for 3 hours in the first week of your gardening adventure. It can leave your back in pain and your arm and leg muscles sore. While performing tasks like weeding and planting, it is important to bend from the knees and getting good movement from your legs. Gardening like any other physical activity requires a proper form when performing the tasks.

This Earth Day, grab a spade and a shovel and get planting. Whenever you don’t feel like going to the gym, go to your backyard and remove the weeds growing in your grass. But a hand mower so you can give your grass a good cut while giving yourself some good exercise.

Memphis weight loss experts recommend people who struggle with rage and anxiety to garden as it helps releases stress and gives your mind peace.

For more advice on physical activities at home that you can perform to stay fit, click here to make an appointment with us and we’ll make sure you stay fit by staying home.