Active lifestyles are vital to your overall wellbeing.

Keeping physically active keeps your weight in check, prevents the onset of lifestyle diseases, and curbs the possibility of depression.

To some, an active lifestyle may mean hitting the gym for two hours a day, seven days a week. However, this schedule may not only strain your body but also hinder growth and competence in your workout schedule.

We’ve hence compiled some helpful tips that will help you on your journey to an active lifestyle.

Start Small

It is prudent to start with a few exercises, performed over short durations. When you start small, your body will adapt faster to the new regime, making the transition to an active lifestyle seamless.

You can start by power walking a few meters every day, skipping, or following Pilates and yoga programs. These enjoyable but straightforward routines are easy to follow and won’t end up draining your energy.

Make The Routine Fun

Some people take the fitness journey too seriously, which is unhealthy.

To avoid boredom, engage in activities that are fun and engaging. Listen to your favorite playlist as you work out or binaural beats as yoga or meditation. Wear a pedometer or smartwatch to track your progress.

Alternatively, join a sports team or gym group and make the most of it. Your body will adapt quickly, and you’ll also get encouragement from other like-minded people.


Following the same exercise routine over and over again will eventually get tiresome. 

Instead, mix up your routine by engaging in several fun activities. For instance, you may opt to bike, swim, jog, or register for dancing classes. These activities will keep your mind active and also help you to avoid boredom.

Get Social

One of the reasons why some people fail to make it in the fitness journey is that they walk the path alone.

To beat this danger, invite friends to join you in the gym, or have an exercise accountability partner. Walking the journey with a supportive person makes it less straining.

Engaging in group activities also increases productivity and helps you gauge your progress against others.

Set Definite Goals

A workout with set goals is likely to succeed. Ambiguous goals are easy to break and will disrupt your weight-loss journey.

If running is your thing, set a minimum distance to cover each day. There are many smartphone apps with fitness trackers and pedometers that can help track your progress.

These apps also measure the calories burned each day, weight loss, as well as the time remaining to hit your target. Every time you hit your goal, your encouragement level will rise a notch, and you’ll be more likely to hit your targets.

The Bottom Line

Active lifestyles are emotionally fulfilling and promote health. Resolve to get active today to avoid the possibility of high cholesterol, blood diseases, hypertension, and reduced bone and muscle strength down the line. Physical activity is not just about health, but also about fun. Indulging in your favorite sport allows you to relax, forget about work, and uplift your mood.