Every. Saturday. Morning.

For the better part of two years now, I’ve noticed more and more that bright and early on Saturday mornings the news feeds on my social media apps are choked by image after image of my friends, friends of friends, and sometimes Natalie Morales clocking in record times upon finishing their latest five kilometer run.

There is a running epidemic spreading like wildfire across social media.

And it’s great!

I’ll admit, as someone who has yet to learn – despite my best efforts – to truly love exercise, those images of smiling, sweaty post-run celebrations initially gave me a case of the eyerolls.

However, after a few consecutive weeks of being bombarded by this unique weekend kickoff, I realized that my eyes were longer rolling, but were becoming open to what’s actually happening here: a real and very significant surge of popularity in running.

These folks popping up on my newsfeed each week were not the kinds of people you’d expect to see celebrating an invigorating run. Stop, I’m not being mean, I only mean to say that these friends were just like you and me in that they were not overtly “exercise people”.

What’s that mean?

It means that running is expanding outside of a core group of true exercise enthusiast and becoming popular among regular folks like us.

And it really just makes sense that it should be. Honestly, why hasn’t it happened sooner?

Think about it, other than a good pair of shoes and an open stretch of road, the requirements are minimal.

The best news: running and jogging, when done safely, with the proper equipment, and in a manner that complements your specific health and fitness status can be a very effective aerobic exercise.

So, stop with the eyerolls and allow those Saturday morning Facebook posts inspire you the way have me.

Contact the team here at Mediplan Diet Center and we’ll carefully assess your health and fitness status and help you devise a plan to help you enjoy the benefits of a leisurely stroll, a morning jog, or a charity 5k.

When you cross the finish line, be sure and post the picture on Facebook. I want to see it.

Really, I do.