According to the experts at the Harvard Medical Studies department, they have decided that the best diet that a person can follow is the Mediterranean diet. This diet mainly consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and healthy cheese while replacing fat producing items such as butter with good fats such as Olive oil.

This diet has been dubbed the most effective in weight loss diets based on five Harvard Medical studies conducted. In comparison to low carb diet, low fat diet and the American Diabetes Association diet, the Mediterranean diet will help you shred that extra weight in no time.

A trial was conducted which required participants to stick to the Mediterranean diet for a year, nine hundred and ninety eight participants in this study were reported to have lost between 9 and 22 pounds. The ADA and low-card diet had similar results and those who opted for the low fat diet had reported to lose within the range of 6 and 11 pounds.

Some recipes from the Mediterranean

Here are some recipes from the Memphis Diet plans experts that might help you get started on the Mediterranean diet.

Raw Hummus

Hummus is one of the best treats to come out of the Mediterranean part of the world. The tasty paste can be eaten raw with a spoon or you can use it as a dip for Pita or Sliced vegetables. Hummus is best served with a depression in the middle filled with olive oil.

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

This salad is a beautiful mix of Kalamata olives on top of chicken breast cubes with feta cheese. Your taste buds will fall in love with this mix of hot and cold ingredients.

Mediterranean Barley salad

A great treat to serve with chicken or can also be a wholesome dish on its own. The salad is a perfect lunch dish that will leave you satisfied for long hours.

Spinach and Feta Pita Bake

This is one of the best dishes that the Mediterranean diet has to offer. It is just like a pizza and will make for a great appetizer or a full meal. The crunchy pita crust will provide you with a base to play with cheeses and veggie toppings. Hummus can also be added atop the pita crust.

With such great recipes and results, it is hard to ignore how great the Mediterranean diet is for both health conscious people and food lovers. For more information on the Mediterranean diet and advice from experts, click here to set an appointment with Mediplan Diet experts today and experience the best when it comes to Memphis diet plans.