Here are some fabulous spring weight loss tips that can help you prepare to look and feel great in summer.

It’s time to shed off those excess calories you gained over the winter. Put on your best fitness shoes and be sure to walk at least 30 minutes daily, or a few times a week; summer clothes aren’t as forgiving as winter’s.

7 Tips toHealthy Spring Weight Loss

Engage in Gardening

Gardening involves many high-cardio physical activities. Not only will you clean up your garden, you can lose excess weight in spring as well.

Eat Salads

Salads are mostly made from fresh vegetables—perhaps from your own garden!—that are rich in fiber. They’ll keep you feeling full for longer, meaning you end up eating less carbs…which means weight loss. Add dressing to a large-mouth Ball jar, followed by veggies, and finally greens to fill it up.

To ensure the greens don’t get slimy, make sure they aren’t in contact with dressing at the bottom of the jar. Keep it refrigerated to eat the next day at work, instead of going out to lunch. Save money and calories!

Track Your Weight Loss

Weigh yourself often to keep track of lost weight. Step on your scale as often as possible to determine whether your weight loss strategies are working; keep reasonable diet goals, track your weight, and you’ll see results.

Visit the Local Farmer’s Market

Visit your local farmer’s market to choose fresh vegetables and fruits available; find farmers who use organic practices to produce their crops. Also—walking through the market looking for ideal veggies is also a great way to cut off some excess calories!

Join a Local CSA

Join a farm cooperative in your area to get a box of fresh, local produce every week. You pay a fee upfront, and what you receive in your weekly allotment depends on what’s seasonally available in your area. You’re bound to get all kinds of produce, including things you’ve probably never tried before.

You might even get less of the produce you love and more of what you’ve never even used before. But, knowing where your produce comes from, how it’s produced, and the farming practices used can help you determine if the vegetables meet your health standards.

Try the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet involves consuming healthy nuts, grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, and eating less meat—red meat in particular. It is also limited in sugary and processed foods, to help you attain optimal weight loss. You’ll stop craving those foods and stay full longer, helping with weight loss.

Engage in Physical Activities

Sitting at a television, computer or tablet screen for long isn’t good for weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. These activities can trigger mindless eating, which causes weight gain. Go out and engage in physical activities to avoid snacking, and increase your metabolism for faster weight loss.

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