The internet, particularly social media platforms, are full of weight loss ads that promise to help you shed off up to 10, 20 or even 30 pounds within a month. It’s easy to believe such claims when you’re in need to lose weight fast. For instance, a reunion, first date, wedding or any other critical event might be in waiting.

However, how much can you lose within a month if on a healthy program with long-term outcomes to help you lose weight? Since the answer to this question is all about numbers, get your calculators ready.

With a good diet plan, expect to reasonably lose about 1-2 pounds per week. Whenever you lose 3500 calories, it translates to one pound of your body’s fats. Shed off at least 1000 calories daily if you want to lose about 2 pounds on a weekly basis. Either reduce the amount of calories you consume daily or increase the calorie-amount burned whenever you exercise.

This isn’t about making approximations because the ratio of calories you consume to what you burn must equal 1000 calories than your previous reading. This is where keeping a daily food journal comes in to help track your calorie consumption. Use an app such as My Fitness Pal, a piece of paper or a note book to keep track of the calories you consume.

Although tracking your calorie-intake through daily journaling might seem tiresome, it’s a proven way for you to spot mindless snacking or overeating habits due to stress, among other unhealthy eating patterns. These habits can easily increase your intake of calories.

It might just take small lifestyle changes to shed off at least 1000 calories on a daily basis despite the process seeming daunting. For instance, getting rid of trips to your kitchen to open the cookie jar, eating small pieces of bread throughout the day or adding butter pats to your food can help you cut down on your daily calorie consumption.

Engaging in regular exercises either at home or at a gym together with checking what goes into your mouth are key to losing about 1000 calories daily. Workout moderately at least five days in a week to help you attain your calorie cut mark. Your weight, gender, pace of workouts and duration of exercises influence the amount of calories you actually get to lose.

Run on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes at a speed of 6 mph to lose about 229 calories; spend 30 minutes on the elliptical to lose at least 179 calories; swim for at least half an hour to lose 189 calories; and take about 30 minutes in a kickboxing session to shed off 357 calories if you weigh about 150 pounds.

The best mindset for your plan to lose weight is to move more often or workout more and intake fewer calories. Unhealthy diet plans that promise at least 20 pounds in lost monthly weight push you more than is required for a healthy workout plan. Such programs can also push you to consume fewer calories than your daily intake limit.

Whereas a good plan meant for weight loss for men should entail at least 1800 daily consumption of calories, according to the Nutrition and Dietetics American Academy, weight loss for women should not see you consume more than 1200 calories daily.

5 Exercise Tips to Help You Burn Excess Weight

1. Boxing

Boxing is an excellent way for you to shed off some weight. Hit your boxing bag or explore your Tae-Bo skills to focus on your large muscles for increased weight loss. Increase your heart rate by powering your punches using your legs and core.

Use weighted gloves in shadow boxing to shape up your shoulders. Light hand dumbbells can also come in handy to sculpt your shoulders.

2. Squats

There’s no better way to burn off the excess fats in your body than through weight training. Burn off even more calories while sitting, resting or even sleeping after an intensive strength training session due to increased resting metabolism that can last up to 2 days.

Vary your exercises through squats with a focus on the large muscles on your legs. Exploit overhead squats for top-bottom muscle engagement.

3. Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are a combination of cardio and strength training for complete body workout. Just like in boxing, your core stabilizes your body whereas your legs power your workouts. When engaging in this exercise, your body weight is controlled by your upper body.

10 Kettlebell swings at an interval of 30 seconds each with at least 30 seconds rest time is ideal when working on a tight schedule. It ensures that you can exercise for at least 10 minutes even when busy.

4. Cycling

Go on an adventure to have fun outdoors while losing weight. Unlike workouts, cycling terrains are not just interesting, but also offer you the challenge you need to shed off excess calories. Bring with you a healthy meal for lunch or snacks and cycle with an aim of having as much fun as possible.

Commute to work on your bike for extra weight loss. What’s more, athletes can develop leg endurance through cycling.

5. Plyometrics

Reshape your body through burpees and squat jumps. With this form of exercise, equipment and time are not excuses for not working out. In about 10 minutes or less, you can easily shed off your daily target for calorie cut-off. What’s more, the only thing you need to bring with you is your body. Enjoy a full workout session by interchanging between mountain climbing and burpees with intervals of 30 seconds each just like in the case of Kettlebells.

With these great 5 tips for weight loss, you don’t need to visit a gym or fitness centre to lose excess weight. Coupled with a good diet, be sure that you get to burn excess calories within no time.

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