Next time you’re at the gym, look around and you may see more than a few folks working out with stretchy rubberized or elastic bands. You may see a whole class of them in the next room. It’s called resistance training and it’s widely regarded as a vital component of a complete workout regimen.

When lifting typical dumb bell weight, gravity is playing a major role. As you lift the weight against gravity, you experience optimum resistance. But gravity assists you every time you lower the weight, allowing your muscles to relax – and making your total workout less efficient.

Resistance bands can be used alone or as components of more traditional machines to improve the efficiency of your workout.

And even when used alone, the training possibilities are endless. Your range of motion is limited only to your own body’s abilities and you can work muscle groups easily – and inexpensively compared to pricey machines. For instance, offers set of study, high-quality resistance bands for as little as $25.

Aside from being affordable, resistance bands are also very convenient. You can use and store them anywhere, and they’re perfect for travel. You’ll never have to visit a hotel gym again with a set of resistance bands!

Try adding resistance training to your workout regimen and let us know what you think. We’ve completely hopped on the bandwagon. And we think you should to.