Have you ever stood in a whole aisle at a grocery store while looking for nutrition information to determine if that food is something you can include in your diet? The hardest part of getting in shape is finding the right food to eat. Of course, finding the right food can already be challenging enough, but in addition to that challenge, how do you find the nutritional information on your foods?

Looking for nutritional information can also be time-consuming, especially when you’re unsure where to look.

Don’t worry. It only gets easier because MediPlan Diet Services is here to help! Showing you how to find nutritional information is one way we can help.

We want to make sure you feel confident selecting your food. Our team prioritizes ensuring you are as healthy as possible while reaching your weight loss and exercise goals.

Find the Nutritional Label

First, let’s start with the first thing everyone looks at when interested in the nutrition facts of a food product at the store. The nutrition label is a government-required label placed on the outer package of the food. The label helps you make health decisions by showing you information like the serving size, the calories of the serving size, total fat, trans fat, and more.

The nutrition label also shows fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, which is helpful for people tracking their macronutrient intake. In addition, the vitamins that the food contains are also on the nutrition label.

Where To Look When There Is No Nutritional Label?

Sometimes you eat foods without ever looking at the nutritional label. Therefore, it is critically important to know how to find nutritional information on your food to stay consistent with your diet when this happens. You can search online through online databases to find the information regarding the nutrition of your food!

The United States Department of Agriculture has an online database where people can search all kinds of different foods to determine their nutritional information. In addition, there are many online databases to pick from to help find dietary details, such as ChooseMyPlate.gov, and smartphone apps available for download.

What If There Is No Serving Size?

When you cook food at home, serving sizes can get mixed up or become different than what was on the nutrition label on the package. Recipe nutrition calculators found online can help determine the nutritional information of your food! They help by analyzing the ingredients and serving sizes for the food. Pretty easy!

Keep Up With The Nutritional Information!

Keeping up with the nutrition information of food can be tedious. Luckily there are apps out there that help you log your food and even save your recipes, so you don’t have to re-log the nutritional information of the food twice!

Next time you ask yourself how to find nutritional information on your foods, remember that MediPlan Diet Services can help. Call us today at (901) 362-7546 to ask us anything related to nutrition and exercise, and we will be happy to help!