Diet and exercise. Eat smart and work out regularly. Vegetables and treadmills.

Health and fitness experts the world over – us included – preach the gospel of eating healthy and burning calories through exercise.

But there is another component to successful weight loss that many – again, us included – too often overlook or shy away from.

The emotional element.

Why do we overeat? What inspired us to begin a weight loss journey and what motivates us to continue on the journey?

They are important questions and they all play a vital role in a successful weight loss and weight maintenance strategy.

A recent study of adults trying to lose weight conducted by Orlando Health determined that only one in ten respondents believe that psychological well-being plays a significant role in weight loss.

That’s unfortunate.

Our emotional attachment to food is a very real and potent thing. As a kid, I was rewarded with Hershey bars for goo test grades. And straight A’s at the end of the semester got me a pizza party!

Sound familiar?

It likely does. And simple things just like this work to establish our connection to food on an emotional level. A level that we have to comes to terms with to truly be successful losing weight and keeping it off long-term.

Don’t worry, you don’t need therapy. Well, not necessarily about this. For all those other issues maybe, not my place to comment here.

All kidding aside, the staff here at Mediplan Diet Services have the knowledge and experience to help you further understand why you may be tempted to overeat and to understand how carefully thinking about your relationship to food is just as important as understanding how many jumping jack reps you should do each morning.

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