Grocery shopping can feel overwhelming, as you normally buy enough food to last for one or two weeks. The sheer quantity and price can be off-putting, especially if you want to maintain a healthy diet.

Sticking to a healthy shopping list is essential to keep yourself from buying (then eating) tempting snacks during huge shopping trips. Today, we will discuss the best ways to plan a healthy shopping trip and stick to your weight loss journey.

5 Tips to Plan a Healthy Shopping Trip

1. Plan and Make a List

When going to the store, create a shopping list and budget. If you stick to your list and budget, you won’t pick up junk food as you shop.

The best method when creating an accurate shopping list is to look at your calendar. Decide how long it will be until your next shopping trip. Make sure that you include plans in the list if you plan to host an event.

Then, plan out all your meals and snacks for this period. Figure out what ingredients you will need for each meal, even if it is a salad and requires minimal planning. Plan for healthy snacks such as nuts or vegetables with hummus.

Finally, organize your shopping trip. Most of the outside aisles have the healthiest foods, such as lean meats and produce, so visit these aisles before you stroll past the other sections of the store.

2. Read Product Labels

Sometimes packaging can mislead you. Reading the nutrition facts on product labels can help you confirm whether the food you want to buy is healthy or not.

We recommend searching for foods that include low sugar content, low sodium, and minimal saturated fats. Some foods also include special marks that indicate good qualities, such as organic or heart-healthy. Keep an eye out for these markings but don’t rely on them to decide.

3. Don’t Go to the Store When You’re Hungry

If you have ever heard the phrase “your eyes are bigger than your stomach,” this tip is understandable. Going to the store hungry encourages you to purchase impulse buys rather than stick to your plan.

4. Look for Sales and Buy in Bulk

If you are on a budget, it is still possible to eat healthily. When more expensive health foods go on sale, buy in bulk to save in the long run (frozen and dry foods only). Base your weekly purchases on in-store sales and find coupons.

5. Divide Up Healthy Portion Sizes When You Come Home

When you start snacking, it is hard to stop. If you measure out portions of snacks as soon as you finish your weekly shopping trip, you are less likely to overeat when snacking. Make this routine after returning from the store.

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