You’ve made weight loss part of your New Year’s resolution— that’s good for your health—but for some reason, you can’t stick to any of the solemn declarations. You keep breaking them and find yourself at ground zero. If weight is a big issue for you, this can be frustrating. You can do it, though.  You can follow through with every resolution you make in 2020 and beyond. Here’s how.

Set attainable goals

When starting, it’s easy to get carried away by the excitement of the new challenge and overestimate your capabilities. You may purpose never to eat junk food again, only to end up doing so after a few weeks. A more realistic goal would be to cut down on junk intake than to avoid it altogether or cut one type of junk food, such as soda.

Draw up a plan

Many people who watch their weight make snap decisions to lose weight on the eve of the New Year. Instead of waiting for the 31st, plan ahead a couple of weeks or months. Next, decide how you’re going to deal with temptation. It could be you have a sweet tooth, and you can’t resist the sight of a freshly baked cake or tarts. When the craving strikes, find something that will draw your attention away. Take a walk, call a long lost friend, or prepare a fruit salad.

List the good and the bad

It certainly helps to list the things you consider as pros and cons for motivation purposes. Expand your list and seek the input of family or friends. Whenever you have a problem or need help, refer to it to keep your resolve.

Try the 21/90 Rule

Research suggests that it takes a person 21 days to form a new habit and six months to infuse it into their personality. So, stick to your resolution – no matter how difficult it seems – and within a few weeks, it will seem pretty normal. Patience and persistence are key!

Celebrate every success

Anytime you attain an objective – say lose a couple of pounds or observe a strict diet without fail – give yourself a little pat on the back. However, this doesn’t mean you buy a whole box of candy or KitKat. Go for a mini-holiday, buy yourself a nice comfy fitness clothing, or have dinner with friends.

Never give up

A few weeks down the road, you may find you’ve run out of steam. That’s normal – and it’s going to happen. Don’t give up. Recommit to your objective for 24 hours. Push it to two days, three days, five days, a week, a month. Before long, you will be sailing smoothly towards your weight loss goal.

Talk about your resolution

Don’t keep your weight loss resolution for the New Year a secret. Share it with your family members and close friends. These are the people who will hold your back and stand with you in your quest to reduce weight. If you can find someone who also aspires to lose weight as you, the better.

Keep track of your progress

As you make headway, take note of your weight loss journey. Instead of purposing to shed off 20 pounds, focus on losing five first. Do this and record it in a journal. Every little goal you attain is going to sustain your motivation.