So we’ve made it three weeks into the new year. Has your new year’s weight loss resolution been tested?

Did you pass the test?

If you’re hanging in there and committed to eating right and making time for exercise, then you have more than likely begun to see some results in your weight loss journey. Congratulations!

If you’ve given in to temptation from time to time or opted to sleep in rather than spend a few minutes on the treadmill, your bathroom scale may not be rewarding you with the numbers you’d like to see.

There’s still good news.

It’s only been three weeks!

Back in December, you determined that you were ready to make a significant life change in order to lose weight and to live a more healthy lifestyle. The serious question you should ask yourself is this: Are you ready to make that commitment or was your resolution a bit premature? If you’re not truly ready to make the necessary changes, then you’ll be fighting against your very nature during your entire journey.

I’m not an advocate of throwing in the towel by any means, but if your wishful thinking is greater than your commitment, it’s going to be hard to be successful. It may be a healthy choice for you to step back from a weight loss plan and consider how you feel about your body and your lifestyle and how those feelings led to your initial desire to make a weight loss resolution.

However, if after some serious thought, you realize that your recent missteps were simply that, and you are committed and ready to stick to your resolution of safely reaching a healthy weight, then contact us here at Mediplan Diet Center and let’s discuss how we can help create a customized plan that includes diet and fitness goals and perhaps any supplements that may your journey easier.