Are you one of those women that are always concerned if they are the ideal weight or not?

Are you not sure what should be your ideal weight as per your body frame and measurements?

There are many of us who are not sure if they are the right weight for their height and body mass index or are under or over weight. Weight is calculated based on the height and the overall frame size of a person. There are a number of calculators that are available online and can be used to calculate if you are the ideal weight for your body frame or not.

Many of us don’t realize that they are the right weight or not. So, what is your ideal weight? What is the weight that you should be targeting to achieve? All that needs to be done by you is calculating your frame size and your height and with the calculators available online, you can easily calculate if you fall into the ideal weight category for women or not.

Ideal Weight For Women

Calculating your Frame Size

Are you wondering what your frame size is? We are providing below an easy method to calculate your body frame size with a little help of a friend.

  1. Extend your arm straight in front of your body and bend your elbow at an angle of 90 degrees to your body. Make sure your arm and body are parallel to one another.
  2. Now, turn the inside of you wrist towards your body making sure that your fingers are kept straight during the process
  3. Now, place your index finger and thumb on the two easily prominent bones on your elbow present on either sides of it. The distance between the bones is to be measured now using a calipers or measuring tape.
  4. Once done, compare the measurement you have with the chart given below. Also calculate your height standing barefoot. If your height falls below the mentioned inches, you have a small body frame and if it is greater than the inches mentioned below, your body frame falls in the large category.

Ideal Weight for WomenFind your ideal weight in the simple steps mentioned above. Calculate your weight and check out if you are the ideal weight or not. If you are overweight, don’t worry because with the Diet Plan Memphis, you can take care of losing the excess weight.

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