Over the last few years, we’ve all heard the mantra, “Eat properly and exercise,” to lose weight. However, for those who battle to make the transition, it may be easier to tackle those two tasks separately.

Does this approach work? Can you prioritize dieting over exercising or vice versa? If so, is diet or exercise more important? Let’s find out.

Why Should You Diet?

Current trends such as the 80% diet and 20% exercise rule came about because it seems simpler to lose weight through dieting. By cutting calories, you can create the deficit necessary to drop the extra pounds.

This is far easier than increasing your physical activity levels to create the same deficit. For those unused to exercise, however, it may seem impossible at first. The following example best illustrates this point: Say, for example, that you’re a 6-foot man weighing 160 pounds. You need a daily deficit of 160 calories to reach your weight loss goals. You have two options:

  • Walk at a slow pace of less than two mph for an hour
  • Cut out three chocolate chip cookies from your daily diet

The amount of exercise that it takes to work off the food we eat makes it nearly impractical to “out-exercise” weight gain. To lose weight effectively, you have to make lifestyle changes, which means making smart choices when it comes to your food.

Does that mean you can never have a cheeseburger again? Of course not; in fact, research shows that the odd cheat meal may make your diet more effective. By not banning any foods, you remove that sense of deprivation that comes with the old-fashioned diet plan.

With the correct combination of healthy food, the odd cheat meal, and lifestyle changes that stick, you’ll lose weight and keep it off.

Why Should You Exercise?

Exercising may take up more time initially, but it still remains an essential part of your weight loss plan. The human body should move to keep all the internal systems healthy. Exercise promotes weight loss by:

  • Increasing calorie deficit by burning calories
  • Toning the muscles and making you look leaner
  • Building muscle mass that burns more calories than fat does at rest
  • Boosting the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Burning off excess levels of cortisol that can result in weight gain
  • Keeping you more active, motivated, and focused

Is Diet or Exercise More Important?

You can diet and lose weight without exercise, but the opposite is not always true. Your first step when losing weight includes following a healthy eating plan.

That doesn’t mean we should ignore the value of exercise, though. Used in conjunction with your custom-designed MediPlan Diet Services plan, you’ll increase the rate at which you lose pounds.

Your body will look sleeker and toned. You’ll feel full, focused, and ready to handle any challenge.

Take the first step to a slim and healthy you by calling MediPlan Diet Services at (901) 362-7546 today and scheduling a consultation. Our team will answer any questions you may have and design an effective customized wellness solution for you.