New Year’s Day. We had big plans. Big dreams. And we made big resolutions.

Suddenly it’s March and summer is just around the corner!

Are you where you thought you’d be? I hope you are!

If not, so be it. You won’t find any judgement here.

What you will find is a little encouragement to look back at what motivated your weight loss resolutions, assess the goals you made, think about the successes and challenges you’ve faced so that you can use this month to get back on track and start the next portion of your journey of weight loss or health maintenance with renewed inspiration and vigor.

Ready. Set. Rewind.

That’s right. Rewind. Back to the earliest days of January. Think about what inspired you make a weight loss resolution. Maybe an upcoming event (ugh, class reunions are the worst), a health-related scare, or was it just time to find a slimmer person staring back at you from the mirror?

Tap back into that energy that inspired you.

What kinds of goals did you make for yourself? At some point did “lofty” become “unrealistic”? Did “aspirational” become “overwhelming”? If so, some of the challenges you may have faced could have simply been a result of a skewed idea of what a body can achieve with regard to healthy weight loss. When done properly, a weight loss journey is oftentimes a marathon an very rarely a sprint.

Let’s reset those “lofty” an “aspirational” goals and replace them with clear, achievable one. Don’t even worry with pounds right now. Think smaller, more real-world. Steps per day, minutes on a treadmill, a salad for lunch three times per week.

These are goals that you can reach and celebrate EVERY DAY.

And you have to admit, celebrating a victory every day feels pretty good. And that good feeling may certainly make it easier to continue on your journey.

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