Another month is in the rearview mirror. Did you miss one of our blog posts? Not to worry, let’s take a quick look back and highlight all the things we’ve discussed this month.

In our post titled “Why Can’t I Finish What I Star…” we discussed the phenomena surrounding the difficulty to lose the last few pounds before hitting our goal weight. Nope, it’s not just you. Read our post and find out how you can try to break through that all too common plateau.

We highlighted the new trend of barre workouts in our post titled “Newest Trend in Exercising: Barre Hopping.”

Learn how the Mediplan Diet Services’ Chromium Picolinate supplement may help you lose weight in our post “Rev Up Your Metabolism’s Motor.”

Give in to temptation? You can bounce back! Learn how in our post “Give In? Don’t Give Up!”

It’s too hot for a run outside and gym memberships are expensive! Don’t let that slow you down. Crank the air conditioner and do the “Living Room Workout” along with us.

Oh, the stigma of so-called “Diet Food.” Read our post “Recipes That’ll Trick Your Taste Buds” and discover delicious healthy options that the whole family will love.

Your weight loss journey is different from mine, and mine is different from my neighbor’s. But there are a handful of helpful strategies that can help any and all of us, no matter the journey we’re on. Learn more in our post titled “Four Diet Rules to Live By.”

Some of your favorite celebrities have dropped a few pounds and are looking great! Check out pics of Melissa McCarthy and more in our post “Shrinking Celebrities.”

Some folks just LOVE to exercise. Don’t those folks get on your nerves? Seriously, for most of us, working out is daunting and more than a little difficult. We need a little extra motivation to make it happen. Read our post “Workout Motivation That Works” and consider yourself inspired!

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again here in the blogosphere in August!