We can all agree that drinking enough water is essential for our health. Water intake improves fitness, mood, weight control, and energy levels. Did you know that over 50% of US adults increase their water intake when trying to lose weight?

Many studies support the theory that water is beneficial for weight loss. If you stay hydrated, your body can burn more calories and help you get in the perfect shape.

Here is how drinking water can help a person lose weight.

1. Water helps to remove waste from your body: When the body is not hydrated, it is unable to eliminate waste. Water helps the kidneys to filter waste while keeping essential electrolytes and nutrients. 

2. Water is essential for burning fat: Without fluids, your body can’t metabolize carbohydrates and stored fat. Drinking enough water during the day is necessary for burning off the fat.

3. Water is a legitimate appetite suppressant: Our body works in very interesting ways. When the stomach is full, it sends signals to the brain, which signals to stop eating. Water can take up space, leading to feeling full. Research shows that drinking a glass of water before every meal can help to avoid overeating or unnecessary snacking.

4. Water increases calories burning: Drinking water can help your body to burn more calories. Your body expends more energy by heating the water, which can lead to more calories burned.

5. Water helps with exercise: Water intake can help your connective tissues, muscles, and joints to move better. It also helps the heart, lungs, and other organs to work correctly during exercise.

So, how do you turn a need to drink more water into an everyday habit?

As we all know, drinking eight glasses of water a day is crucial for our body to function. Here is the best time to drink water during the day to maximize the efficiency of your body.

After waking up

After waking up, drink two glasses of water to activate your organs. Doing this can also help you remove any toxins before your breakfast.

Before a meal

Drink one glass of water before a meal to stimulate digestion. It’s not recommended to drink water after a meal as it may reduce the digestive juices.

After working out

Drinking water after your workout can help hydrate your body and replace fluids lost. After your morning walk, yoga class, or a hard day at the gym, drink plenty of water.

Before taking a bath

Drink a glass or two of water before a bath to lower blood pressure.

Before sleep

Before going to bed, don’t forget to drink one glass of water to replenish the fluid loss that usually happens during the night.

Water intake is necessary for good health. We know it is not very easy to drink water every day and stick to the schedule, especially if you forget to drink, are busy, or don’t like the taste of water.

We hope our tips can inspire you to make a schedule and meet your water intake goals.