Now that the New Year has officially started, most of us are making resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, not worry about unimportant things, etc.

However, as our experience has shown, these resolutions are easier to break than to make. So, one may wonder how to ensure that your determination to lose weight in 2020 sticks around?

There are steps you can take to ensure you stick to your New Year’s weight loss goals.

Step 1: Set achievable goals

It is essential to focus on what you can achieve. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight and how much you want to lose.

We suggest getting a piece of paper and write down a number you want to see on your scale in the new year.

Once you do that, commit yourself to accomplish your goals. You can make a promise to your partner, friend, doctor, or colleague. This will encourage you to go through the hard times and not let yourself down.

Step 2: Measure the results

This is a critical step, and you shouldn’t miss it by any means. Every new year people start with grand plans, and they are working out five times a week, removing junk food from their menu, and eating healthy.

But after a few weeks, they can easily fall off the wagon. The only explanation for this is because they didn’t see any results.

Results don’t come overnight. You may be disciplined and following your goals, but to get to the ideal weight, you need to stay motivated.

We suggest taking photos every day and measure your progress. Sometimes you won’t like the way you look, but it is for your good. Measure at least once per week, and you will start seeing changes.

Step 3: Pay attention to food

It is simple – if you want to lose weight, you must start exercising and stick to a healthier diet. You can achieve your fitness goals only if you pay attention to food.

A lot of people think that removing everything out of your daily food menu is the best way to lose weight. Our advice is to start slow. Take one day at a time and see what works best for you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support. We can help you reach your goals by advising which foods are right for you to consume and which aren’t.

Step 4: Stay committed to your goals

Set your focus on finishing what you’ve started. With the right exercise and other goals, you set – you and your body will benefit. It is a long process, but if you stay committed, you won’t have trouble achieving all your New Year’s fitness goals.

Step 5: Reach out for support

At some point, you may have trouble sticking with all the changes that are happening. A support system is always welcoming to motivate you and encourage you to keep going.

If you feel like giving up and going back to your old habits (not going to the gym or eating junk food) call us. We can help you gain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

Our experienced team is here to help ease the process and support you in achieving your fitness goals. Please book your appointment here and start with our program.